⛄ Read Format Kindle @Sacred Scroll of Seven Seals: Skull & Bones, Freemasons, Knights Templar & the Grail (Sacred Scroll of Seven Seals Series Book 1) (English Edition) For Free ⛏ PDF by Judah ⛸

⛄ Read  Format Kindle @Sacred Scroll of Seven Seals: Skull & Bones, Freemasons, Knights Templar & the Grail (Sacred Scroll of Seven Seals Series Book 1) (English Edition) For Free ⛏ PDF by Judah ⛸ ⛄ Read Format Kindle @Sacred Scroll of Seven Seals: Skull & Bones, Freemasons, Knights Templar & the Grail (Sacred Scroll of Seven Seals Series Book 1) (English Edition) For Free ⛏ PDF by Judah ⛸ A National Science Foundation Award Winning Author bumped into The Order of Skull and Bones when analyzing Americas failed pill and heroin policies Get this The Order has been dealing dope in the same way, around the world, for ages These policies arent failing They are working brilliantly.The Order is knowingly dispatching Americans for money Even cures to opiate and other addictions are being hidden Then, by cross referencing leaked information such as rosters from Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove, The Orders veils of deceit fell to the ground, revealing the most vile bloodline of men who have ever strayed planet earth After quite a bit digging, he discovered a rare 200 year old book which was only meant for the eyes of the heirs of the Royal Family The work details the genealogy of the Russell family and exposes the hoax most refer to as the shadow government In the little book, Poet, Jeremiah Holmes Wiffen also sent us some coded warnings from the past and even identified the Holy Grail Wiffen was no conspiracy theorist His carefully researched and cited book was chartered by John 6th Duke of Bedford to celebrate their Royal Order, or, their race Duke is the highest title in the Royal Bloodline outside the monarch The Order of Skull and Bones appears to be a screening mechanism with which to separate the super elite from us common Vandals, at Yale these men go on to manipulate every lever of power in the world Every president is related to their Order The bone collectors who darken the halls of The Tomb are responsible for a LOT than just dope dealing, hand grips, acting out macabre plays in halloween getups, grave robbery and public masturbation Dont forget, the likes of George Bush, John Kerry, Taft and multiple Kelloggs and Forbes among countless others were all from this wicked club.This book will answer a lot of questions which The Order doesn t want you to know Among them How the Civil War really began How The Order killed a hundred million people in a great genocide in India before THEY formed America Who was really responsible for slavery you will be SHOCKED How the American Flag was really designed hint it wasn t Betsy Ross How Hitler really came to power and the Americans who funded him It will solve the mysteries of the Great Pyramids Tell you the esoteric secrets of archaeology Exactly why those civilizations rose and fell Where we are in that cycle of desolation and MUCH, MUCH MORE The Little Book connected these men to the Vikings, the Knights Templar, William the Conquerer, the Tudors, the Clintons, the Roman Catholic Papacy, and it even connects the vile clan to the Tribe of Dan in The Bible the tribe which The Bible indicates will produce the Antichrist Now, you may NOT believe in The Bible but these men DO and that is all that matters This should scare you Because they worship the dark one therein, and still practice necromancy among many deplorable rituals including ritual child sacrifice in effigy, supposedly.If you smell something rotten after having witnessed this election, this book may be for youIf you have ALWAYS known that the history which we have been taught just doesnt seem to add up, this book may also be for you But I should warn you, once the scroll is unfurled, it can never be unread The Order seems to be using the Book of Revelation outlining the apocalypse as a script I will prove to you that even 9 11 is predicted uncannily in Revelation Dont let the references to the Bible scare you off It s only being mentioned for its romantic and historical value to The Order Prepare to read the esoteric epic of The Pirate Who Took Over The World, for which The Da Vinci Code and Chariots of the Gods were created in order to prevent Sacred Scroll of Seven Seals. 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Sacred Scroll of Seven Seals: Skull & Bones, Freemasons, Knights Templar & the Grail (Sacred Scroll of Seven Seals Series Book 1) (English Edition)


    • Sacred Scroll of Seven Seals: Skull & Bones, Freemasons, Knights Templar & the Grail (Sacred Scroll of Seven Seals Series Book 1) (English Edition)
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    • 519 pages
    • Judah
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    • 06 November 2017

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