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ಪ read a Sam Walton: Made In America effectively ಾ Kindle Ebook Author Sam Walton ೫ ಪ read a Sam Walton: Made In America effectively ಾ Kindle Ebook Author Sam Walton ೫ 1 LEARNING TO VALUE A DOLLAR I was awake one night and turned on my radio, and I heard them announce that Sam Walton was the richest man in America And I thought, Sam Walton Why, he was in my class And I got so excited HELEN WILLIAMS, former history and speech teacher at Hickman High School in Columbia, Missouri Success has always had its price, I guess, and I learned that lesson the hard way in October of 1985 when Forbes magazine named me the so called richest man in America Well, it wasnt too hard to imagine all those newspaper and TV folks up in New York saying Who and He lives where The next thing we knew, reporters and photographers started flocking down here to Bentonville, I guess to take pictures of me diving into some swimming pool full of money they imagined I had, or to watch me light big fat cigars with 100 bills while the hootchy kootchy girls danced by the lake I really dont know what they thought, but I wasnt about to cooperate with them So they found out all these exciting things about me, like I drove an old pickup truck with cages in the back for my bird dogs, or I wore a Wal Mart ball cap, or I got my hair cut at the barbershop just off the town squaresomebody with a telephoto lens even snuck up and took a picture of me in the barber chair, and it was in newspapers all over the country Then folks wed never heard of started calling us and writing us from all over the world and coming here to ask us for money Many of them represented worthy causes, Im sure, but we also heard from just about every harebrained, cockamamy schemer in the world I remember one letter from a woman who just came right out and said, Ive never been able to afford the 100,000 house Ive always wanted Will you give me the money They still do it to this day, write or call asking for a new car, or money to go on a vacation, or to get some dental workwhatever comes into their minds Now, Im a friendly fellow by natureI always speak to folks in the street and suchand my wife Helen is as genial and outgoing as she can be, involved in all sorts of community activities, and weve always lived very much out in the open But we really thought there for a while that this richest thing was going to ruin our whole lifestyle Weve always tried to do our share, but all of a sudden everybody expected us to pay their way too And nosy people from the media would call our house at all hours and get downright rude when wed tell them no, you cant bring a TV crew out to the house, or no, we dont want your magazine to spend a week photographing the lives of the Waltons, or no, I dont have time to share my life story with you It made me mad, anyway, that all they wanted to talk about was my familys personal finances They werent even interested in Wal Mart, which was probably one of the best business stories going on anywhere in the world at the time, but it never even occurred to them to ask about the company The impression I got is that most media folksand some Wall Street types tooeither thought we were just a bunch of bumpkins selling socks off the back of a truck, or that we were some kind of fast buck artists or stock scammers And when they did write about the company they either got it wrong or just made fun of us So the Walton family almost instinctively put a pretty tight lid on personal publicity for any of us, although we kept living out in the open and going around visiting folks in the stores all the time Fortunately, here in Bentonville, our friends and neighbors protected us from a lot of these scavengers But I did get ambushed by the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous guy at a tennis tournament I was playing in, and Helen talked to one of the womens magazines for an article The media usually portrayed me as a really cheap, eccentric recluse, sort of a hillbilly who or less slept with his dogs in spite of having billions of dollars stashed away in a cave Then when the stock market crashed in 1987, and Wal Mart stock dropped along with everything else in the market, everybody wrote that Id lost a half billion dollars When they asked me about it I said, Its only paper, and they had a good time with that But now Id like to explain some of my attitudes about moneyup to a point After that, our financeslike those of any other normal thinking American familyare nobodys business but our own No question about it, a lot of my attitude toward money stems from growing up during a pretty hardscrabble time in our countrys history the Great Depression And this heartland area we come from out hereMissouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansaswas hard hit during that Dust Bowl era I was born in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, in 1918 and lived there until I was about five, but my earliest memories are of Springfield, Missouri, where I started school, and later of the little Missouri town of Marshall After that, we lived in Shelbina, Missouri, where I started high school, and still later Columbia, where I finished high school and went on to college My dad, Thomas Gibson Walton, was an awfully hard worker who got up early, put in long hours, and was honest Completely, totally honest, remembered by most people for his integrity He was also a bit of a character, who loved to trade, loved to make a deal for just about anything horses, mules, cattle, houses, farms, cars Anything Once he traded our farm in Kingfisher for another one, near Omega, Oklahoma Another time, he traded his wristwatch for a hog, so wed have meat on the table And he was the best negotiator I ever ran into My dad had that unusual instinct to know how far he could go with someoneand did it in a way that he and the guy always parted friendsbut he would embarrass me with some of the offers he would make, they were so low Thats one reason Im probably not the best negotiator in the world I lack the ability to squeeze that last dollar Fortunately, my brother Bud, who has been my partner from early on, inherited my dads ability to negotiate Dad never had the kind of ambition or confidence to build much of a business on his own, and he didnt believe in taking on debt When I was growing up, he had all sorts of jobs He was a banker and a farmer and a farm loan appraiser, and an agent for both insurance and real estate For a few months, early in the Depression, he was out of work altogether, and eventually he went to work for his brothers Walton Mortgage Co., which was an agent for Metropolitan Life Insurance Dad became the guy who had to service Metropolitans old farm loans, most of which were in default In twenty nine and thirty and thirty one, he had to repossess hundreds of farms from wonderful people whose families had owned the land forever I traveled with him some, and it was tragic, and really hard on Dad toobut he tried to do it in a way that left those farmers with as much of their self respect as he could All of this must have made an impression on me as a kid, although I dont ever remember saying anything to myself like Ill never be poor We never thought of ourselves as poor, although we certainly didnt have much of what youd call disposable income lying around, and we did what we could to raise a dollar here and there For example, my mother, Nan Walton, got the idea during the Depression to start a little milk business Id get up early in the morning and milk the cows, Mother would prepare and bottle the milk, and Id deliver it after football practice in the afternoons We had ten or twelve customers, who paid ten cents a gallon Best of all, Mother would skim the cream and make ice cream, and its a wonder I wasnt known as Fat Sam Walton in those days from all the ice cream I ate I also started selling magazine subscriptions, probably as young as seven or eight years old, and I had paper routes from the seventh grade all the way through college I raised and sold rabbits and pigeons too, nothing really unusual for country boys of that era.A wise and inspiring autobiography Walton tells his quietly fantastic story with conviction and makes no bones about his mistakes San Francisco ChronicleIt s a story about entrepreneurship, and risk, and hard work, and knowing where you want to go and being willing to do what it takes to get there.And it s a story about believing in your idea even when maybe some other folks don t, and about sticking to your guns Sam WaltonHere is an extraordinary success story about a man whose empire was built not with smoke and mirrors, but with good old fashioned elbow grease Detroit Free PressA sure fire all American success story The New York Times Book Review Sam Walton Wikipedia The family held five spots in the top ten richest people United States until Two daughters of Sam s brother Bud Ann Kroenke and Nancy Laurie hold smaller shares Biography Entrepreneur Part PT Barnum, part Billy Graham, single handedly built Wal Mart into biggest retailer world, transforming way America shopped making himself one world men process Great Quotes on Leadership from Made in Great One my favorite parts book is how down to earth it reads like a conversation with someone grandfather porch than an encyclopedia knowledge great leader, but fact, both In Walton, John Huey as unassuming its author, It written very colloquial plain American English, so you can almost image Mr his death bed, dictating this little wisdom by Walton Taking off shelf I started reading was for surprise All about building business that anyone could grow enjoy DrSP ARUNKUMAR SAM WALTON MADE IN AMERICA MY STORY JOHN HUEY man And thought, Why, he class got excited HELEN WILLIAMS, former history speech teacher at Hickman High School Entrepreneur, Business Leader Biography businessman best known founding retail chain Mart, which grew be largest corporation Synopsis born March Kingfisher, Author Goodreads had pick myself up get it, do all over again, only even better time Walmart founder America days agoThe Noboker co founder, however, has again Walmart not just memoir historic So much tied story himself, our future will rooted principles Road Oklahoma , age joined military He married Helen RobsonSam Samuel Moore April entrepreneur retailers ClubWal Stores Inc Kingfisher Facts Britannica founded Rogers, Ark focused early growth rural areas, thereby avoiding direct competition retailing giants such Sears Kmart As grew, company developed new formats, including Founder Founded There boss customerAnd fire everybody chairman down, simply spending money Profile Founder Walmart, corporations, left estimated billion fortune wife four children when diedKnown Sam, Eagle Scout, served Army captain during World War II, avid hunter outdoorsman, lived humbly SamWalton Twitter latest Tweets Human rights peace advocate Involved PoliceMonitor ArtTheArmsFair Personal account Quaker Did found despite what twitter Is Dead At Of Mart Apr most successful merchant time, died yesterday University Arkansas Medical Sciences Hospital Little Rock years Thefamouspeople who revenue well private employer TOP QUOTES BY A Z Quotes customer somewhere else LeadershipGeeks international discounting giant model leader changed big done Sam Walton: Made In America


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