ₓ ≰ Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management (Theory in Practice (O'Reilly)) 1, Scott Berkun, eBook - Amazon.com free download ≰ Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management (Theory in Practice (O'Reilly)) 1, Scott Berkun, eBook - Amazon.com ₪ E-Pub Author Scott Berkun ⃜

ₓ  ≰ Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management (Theory in Practice (O'Reilly)) 1, Scott Berkun, eBook - Amazon.com free download ≰ Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management (Theory in Practice (O'Reilly)) 1, Scott Berkun, eBook - Amazon.com  ₪ E-Pub Author Scott Berkun ⃜ ₓ ≰ Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management (Theory in Practice (O'Reilly)) 1, Scott Berkun, eBook - Amazon.com free download ≰ Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management (Theory in Practice (O'Reilly)) 1, Scott Berkun, eBook - Amazon.com ₪ E-Pub Author Scott Berkun ⃜ Based on his nine years of experience as a program manager for Microsofts biggest projects, Berkun explains to technical and non technical readers alike what it takes to lead critical projects from start to finish Here are 16 chapters on the critical and common challenges of leading projects and managing teams, diagrams, photography, and war stories of success and failure Berkun offers practical tools and methods to make sure your projects succeed What To Do When Things Go Wrong From Making Things Happen, Chapter 11 1 Calm down Nothing makes a situation worse than basing your actions on fear, anger, or frustration If something bad happens to you, you will have these emotions whether youre aware of them or not They will also influence your thinking and behavior whether youre aware of it or not Rule of thumb the less aware you are of your feelings, the vulnerable you are to them influencing you Dont flinch or overreactbe patient, keep breathing, and pay attention 2 Evaluate the problem in relation to the project Just because someone else thinks the sky has fallen doesnt mean that it has Is this really a problem at all Whose problem is it How much of the project or its goals is at risk or may need to change because of this situation 5% 20% 90% Put things in perspective Will anyone die because of this mistake youre not a brain surgeon, are you Will any cities be leveled Plagues delivered on the innocent Help everyone frame the problem to the right emotional and intellectual scale Ask tons of questions and get people thinking rather than reacting Work to eliminate assumptions Make sure you have a tangible understanding of the problem and its true impact Then, prioritize emergency now , big concern today , minor concern this or next week , bogus never Know how long your fuse is to respond and prioritize this new issue against all existing work If its a bogus issue, make sure whoever cried wolf learns some new questions to ask before raising the red flag again 3 Calm down again Now that you know something about the problem, you might really get upset How could those idiots let happen Find a way to express emotions safely scream at the sky, workout at the gym, or talk to a friend But do express them Know what works for you, and use it Then return to the problem Not only do you need to be calm to make good decisions, but you need your team to be calm Pay attention to who is upset and help them calm down Humor, candor, food, and drink are good places to start Being calm and collected yourself goes a long way toward calming others And taking responsibility for the situation see the later section Take responsibility , regardless of whose fault it was, accelerates a teams recovery from a problem 4 Get the right people in the room Any major problem wont impact you alone Identify who else is most responsible, knowledgeable, and useful and get them in together straight away Pull them out of other meetings and tasks if its urgent, act with urgency, and interrupt anything that stands in your way Sit them down, close the door, and run through what you learned in step 2 Keep this group small the complex the issue, the smaller the group should be Also, consider that often you might not be part of this group get the people in the room, communicate the problem, and then delegate Offer your support, but get out of their way seriouslyleave the room if youre not needed Clearly identify who is in charge for driving this issue to resolution, whether its you or someone else 5 Explore alternatives After answering any questions and clarifying the situation, figure out what your options are Sometimes this might take some research delegate it out Make sure its flagged as urgent if necessary dont ever assume people understand how urgent something is Be as specific as possible in your expectation for when answers are needed 6 Make the simplest plan Weigh the options, pick the best choice, and make a simple plan The best available choice is the best available choice, no matter how much it sucks a crisis is not the time for idealism The urgent the issue, the simpler your plan The bigger the hole youre in, the direct your path out of it should be Break the plan into simple steps to make sure no one gets confused Identify two lists of people those whose approval you need for the plan, and those who need to be informed of the plan before it is executed Go to the first group, present the plan, consider their feedback, and get their support Then communicate that information to the second group 7 Execute Make it happen Ensure whoever is doing the work was involved in the process and has an intimate understanding of why hes doing it There is no room for assumption or ambiguity Have specific checkpoints hourly, daily, weekly to make sure the plan has the desired effect and to force you and others in power to consider any additional effort that needs to be spent on this issue If new problems do arise, start over at step 1 8 Debrief After the fire is out, get the right people in the room and generate a list of lessons learned This group may be different from the right people in step 4 because you want to include people impacted by, but not involved in, the decision process Ask the question What can we do next time to avoid this The bigger the issue, the answers youll have to this question Prioritize the list Consider who should be responsible for making sure each of the first few items happens.Scott Berkun worked on the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft from 1994 1999 and left the company in 2003 with the goal of writing enough books to fill a shelf The Myths of Innovation is his second book he wrote the best seller, The Art of Project Management O Reilly 2005 He makes a living writing, teaching and speaking He teaches a graduate course in creative thinking at the University of Washington, runs the sacred places architecture tour at NYC s GEL conference, and writes about innovation, design and management on his personal website. 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