ᅱ Download Starfire (The Starfire Wars Book 1) pdf ᆺ Kindle Author Jenetta Penner ሩ

ᅱ Download Starfire (The Starfire Wars Book 1) pdf ᆺ Kindle Author Jenetta Penner ሩ ᅱ Download Starfire (The Starfire Wars Book 1) pdf ᆺ Kindle Author Jenetta Penner ሩ Chapter 1My father named me after the stars But Ive always preferred to keep my feet on the ground.Ironically, Im hurtling through space in a gigantic starship twenty thousand light years from Earth The only life Ive ever known was there school, my friends Mom This journey was Mom and Dads dream, not mine, and shes the one we left behind.I fumble for the simple gold band encircling my right ring finger, and twist it Now all I have left of her after she died is this piece of jewelry.Id rather have her.The muscles in my stomach tighten and I exhale loudly I glance at a glass computer panel, which displays a glowing image of Arcadia the new Earth our destination The planet pretty much looks like old Earth but the continents are all mixed up, and it boasts two moons The planets atmosphere also glows a strange shade of cyan On the occasional night, the atmosphere creates amazing patterns like the aurora borealis Or so Im told The planet is uninhabited except for wildlife.Ten years ago my mom, Isabel Foster, discovered how the atmosphere was similar to Earths My parents had worked tirelessly alongside the World Senate to streamline Arcadias settlement and were told, repeatedly, that the process would take a minimum of fifty years before the first permanent international colony would set foot onto a new planet Yet, well temporarily disembark at the Skybase orbiting above Arcadia in less than eight hours.Arcadia is a perfect Earth 2.0 ripe for the picking I sigh while twisting the ring on my finger once again Theory had always claimed how humans would need to make an inhospitable environment capable of supporting human life by completely restructuring a planet through terraforming But this planet was just dangling out in space, waiting for us And here we are This discovery shifted Dads plans for Arcadia to an urban development focus since it was considered an Easily Terraformable Planet.Most days, Dad remains excited but, without Mom here, his moods are typically mixed Though, since our starship voyaged out of the Turner Space Fold, Ive barely seen him so, I wouldnt know his mood today To ensure safety, the captain of our starship, Pathfinder, had programmed our exit point for a seven day lightspeed journey to new Earth Since then, Dad has been too busy making all the preparations, or meeting with people Ive never met or dont care about I guess when youre the man who envisioned every aspect of how humans plan to live on Arcadia, people seem to think youre important or something.His importance is evident by the cabin we were assigned, which consist of two good sized rooms plus a small office for Dad Theres even a little eat in kitchen with a set of barstools at the counter and a living room The refrigerator is stocked with food and, if the supplies start to dwindle, a cute delivery guy shows up to replace the missing items.Most of the people down below are lucky to receive a bunk and a nutritional food pack for the day Ninety percent of these individuals probably felt like they won a lottery ticket to the planet when they came out on top of their job testing But, the privilege also entitles them to a lifetime of indentured servitude on our new Eden I doubt many will ever repay the debt incurred just from the ticket price alone Arcadia needs ready workers, however, and most had lived in slums and were starving while on Earth, so maybe being indentured was a better option.The remaining voyagers bought their way onboard Theyre the types who typically have piles of money to spend, and were no doubt bored with Earth Coming to a new world was hyped up as the chance of a lifetime and, if you have the cash to blow, why not blow it on building a new colony Princes and paupers Not many passengers in between.I return my attention to my Earthscape lesson Apparently, in my distraction, my entire simulated society suffocated from a lack of oxygen in their domed city Poor planning on my part I sigh and tap off the program When both of your parents specialized in terraforming and creating urban development, the expectation is that youll do the same, especially when you began to understand the concepts before you were five I do have a knack, but not the passion, when I want to focus that is Im only seventeen, why am I required to know what Im going to do with the rest of my life Maybe I want to be a painter Dont need to travel across the galaxy to make that dream a reality Mom had never pushed me to make important life choices before I was ready.I stand, brushing my wavy, strawberry blonde hair off my forehead, and go over to the nightstand beside my twin bed to search for a clip Moms jewelry making tools colorful beads and glistening gems and an array of metal fasteners cover the surface She was in the middle of teaching me her hobby when when we ran out of time We did fashion a few pieces together though, and I even managed to partially cobble together a ruby tie tack on my own After its done, I plan to give it to Dad when we reach Arcadia I might not be excited, but he is, and I love him.I pick up a sapphire clip Mom made and affix it to the right side of my hair Then I grab my green sweater hanging across the chairs back and run my arms through the sleeves This particular shade of green a deep emerald not only matches my eyes, its also my favorite color Fashion and matching eye color aside, theres an odd draft that always seems to be present in the corridors Im not sure the mystery breeze is a good thing, but the colonization site on Arcadia tends to lean toward tropical Ill never be cold again.Exiting my room, I amble through the silence of our unit Once I enter the living area, I stop momentarily to stare at the blur of stars outside of our window The blackness streaked with white light made by our forward motion takes me farther away from Mom and everything I left behind With a gulp, I resume my pace to the door and tap my hand on the release The door whooshes back and reveals a brightly lit hall.I step out of the unit and glance behind at the bronze placard on our door.Richard FosterCassiopeia FosterThe names are listed as if we are movie stars or something Its weird No one else on our wing has names on their doors, only unit numbers Maybe the other members of the Board do too But I have not been to their units I shake my head and veer to my left, toward Dads dedicated workspace Maybe he has a few minutes for us to grab lunch and talk about tonights gala planned for after our Skybase arrival The party is a good distraction, and Im sure he needs a break too.Halfway there, I check the time on my Connect 11 17 AM I exhale in frustration I know Dad Hell be engrossed in a project until closer to noon My best odds for pulling him away are to waste the next twenty five minutes So, I take a right toward the atrium wing The space is quiet, and the crowded plants spark memories of family trips we used to take to visit Grandma, who lived out in the country.The five minute stroll and elevator ride a few floors up is worth every second spent My shoulders relax a notch as I stroll through the gigantic, nearly park like setting I scan the space for any other people, but theres no one It seems like everyone else is working all the time Looking up, I watch as simulated white, puffy clouds float across an equally simulated blue sky Around me, buzzing worker drones called Agrowbots roughly the size of pigeons tend to trees heavily laden with fruits of all kinds The bots pollinate, prune, and dispose of dead leaves and any overripe produce If I squint hard at their white, pearly bodies, I can pretend that the bots are real birds, as if Im outside instead of inside an artificial atrium Even the soothing sounds of a rolling breeze and the chirping insects are fake Not as if the pigeon drones would allow any insects into their perfect orchard.I approach a tree and reach for a blushing apple With an easy snap, I pluck the fruit from the tree limb I rotate the apple in my hands and study the impeccable skin before biting into the crispy flesh Tart and sweet, the juice floods my taste buds Pink Lady, my favorite I grab a second and tuck it into the pocket of my sweater for Dad Theyre his favorite too.I take my time perusing the trees and manicured gardens, hard pressed to spot one blemish But, with the lack of foot traffic, Im not even sure why the ship is equipped with an atrium Our journey is only one week and everyone is working eighteen hour shifts Work, eat, sleep Rinse and repeat No time for nature.Sighing, I toss the skeletal core to the ground The second it hits the grass, a drone buzzes in and gobbles the apple into its bellys trash compartment where the organic components will break down into usable compost In real life, Id never litter But its entertaining to watch the hungry pigeons Even if the bots are not real birds.I glance at my Connect again The clear device accomplishes quite a bit for a small piece of tech If I tap the face, an interactive holograph will appear that I can use to relay communication or as a computer But, mostly, I use the device as a watch 11 38 AM Close enough It will take me a few minutes to get to Dad, anyway.I exit the atrium and pass a few unfamiliar, busy looking faces along my way to meet Dad Everyone holds such serious expressions Youd think there would be excitement I hope once we arrive at Arcadia, people receive much needed down time to enjoy their new lives But, I have a feeling none of that will happen.I chew the inside of my lip as the elevator rolls up, releasing my lip when the doors slide open at deck twenty five From my vantage point, I spot Dad wearing a tan jacket and hustling down the corridor and away from me He always complains about the mysterious draft on the ship too Even though no one else seems to notice the breeze I open my mouth to call out to him, and then quickly snap my lips shut, realizing hes too far away and I would need to yell to get his attention But shouting is something the snooty people in charge look down on around here As I step out of the elevator, my father makes a left down a wing I havent visited Then a group of his team members come into view and follow him.I tap my Connect and bring up a hologram of his itinerary No, he doesnt have a conference scheduled until 3 00 PM And Dad is a stickler for schedules.My stomach grumbles, ready for a significant meal than an apple I glance around for any signs the wing is off limits, but there are none So, I head in the direction he took I turn the corner just as the last of the group behind him files into an unmarked conference room As the door slides shut I hear Dads angry voice rumble through a nearby wall Just my luck, he is in there.Defeated, I decide to retreat and spend lunch in solitude Typical But the door makes a scraping sound on the track and then grunts when it sticks about a half inch open Once , Dads voice, thick with negative energy, pipes out from the narrow opening Grumbles from voices I dont recognize step over whatever hes saying.I shrug and peer around again No one is here and Ive got nothing better to do, so I might as well be a little bit nosey What can the Board do to me Ill just confess I was here for lunch and searching for my father Which is true A slap on the wrist is the worst theyll dole out.I creep toward the door and position my ear as close as I can without being noticed As an only child growing up, I had many opportunities to sneak around and listen to grown up conversations that I wasnt really supposed to hear I always felt guilty, but I never could stand being out of the loop.You cant let her get away with it, Dad pleads.Several voices meld together through the crack in the door, and I lean my ear in closer to discover just who her might be and what exactly it is she cant get away with.The clop of heavy boots on flooring echoes from around the corner and my breath hitches Luckily, ten feet away, a short hallway connects a grouping of offices On my toes, I dash for the halls safety Just as I round the corner, a womans frame comes into view.I let out a breath, knowing she didnt see me, and then squat to peek from my hiding spot.Oh her Elizabeth Hammond Mid sixties, dyed white blonde hair, and a scowl as a permanent accessory The President of the Board and my Dads archenemy I shouldve known from the disdain in his voice The woman has spent her career mostly objecting to my fathers ideas Hes always had innovative concepts, and the Board is conservative, especially Hammond Shes a rule follower to the core.Oil and water.She slams her hand to activate the door and it slides back with a scrape I grit my teeth from the sound and the hairs on the base of my neck stand on end Hammond doesnt flinch And, instead of entering, she stands in the opening The conversation inside goes silent.Dr Foster, I am unclear as to why I was not invited to this meeting, Hammond says, her voice thick with venom Then the conversation hushes to thick silence.President Hammond, Dad finally speaks up.His voice is strong, but I know him well enough to pick out a tinge of fear Hes using the same tone when he had told me a year ago how Mom had been killed in a vehicle accident Ill never forget every minute detail of the moment I heard him share that Mom will never be coming home again An ache blooms in my chest and, for several beats of my heart, I forget how to breathe Too much Its just too much to think about Too incomprehensible In that moment a year ago, I stuffed the feelings away as much as I could Then something simple like the tone of a voice rushes fresh pain to the present I gnaw on the inside of my lip and force myself to focus on the brewing argument just feet away.You are not unaware of our difference of opinion on this issue, Dad continues And by the expression on your face, I get the impression that inviting you here wouldve been fruitless.My pulse races in my ears Everything in me wants to run to my dad and tell him everything is going to be okay But doing that would get us both in trouble.Hammond crosses her arms over her chest and throws her weight to her right side Then its fruitless for you to call the meeting in the first place No decisions are made without my consent.But my team has information I hadnt even considered, he says I needed to hear them out and compile the data Any repercussions will emerge on the Earthscape program When you see it, you might change your mind.I dont need the data, Hammond practically growls Ive seen all I require to make the best choice for the people With those words she spins toward the door and marches out with weighty boot steps.Before the door scrapes shut I hear my father sigh Not all of the people.To read the rest of Starfire as soon as it releases, scroll up and click Pre Order.Early Reviews This is an AMAZING book I have read so much lately that reading seems like work With each book I start I am apprehensive that it will be another book to try to get through Not this book This book was fast beat, interesting, the characters were relatable There was mystery, a little romance, a few politics, some jaded lovers, some people that would step on anyone to get ahead. it is wonderful Read it, because books should be enjoyable, especially fantasy Denise, ACR ReaderThank you Jenetta I finished the book and enjoyed it immensely I was so sad to come to the end I need to know Wish I could visit this world again soon I shall do my best to be patient Your writing is so addicting, I cant help myself Shelly, ACR ReaderI was offered a chance to read this ARC at no cost from the author, it is definitely worthy of a 5 review I knew once I opened my copy of Starfire I would not be able to stop, so had to wait an extra day to get my time cleared so nothing would interrupt me I was immersed within a few minutes into the story Since this is told from Cassiopeia POV, you learn quickly of her love of her parents, loss of her mother and her quest to find out what really happened In Starfire we are right there alongside her and her friends for the ride to find out the truth and understand why her parents cherished Arcadia As with all great stories, I was left with OMG moment after the last sentence Now I must sit anxiously awaiting for the next book in this series Dark Matter, so I can continue this journey with Cassi, Javen and her friends to unlock the mysteries in this new world This is a new and refreshing perspective of sci fi, one you will not want to miss out on Mellissa, ACR Reader The Starfire Campus Sports Sports is acres of soccer heaven located minutes from Seattle in Tukwila, WA The campus features exceptional grass and lighted, all weather, year round turf fields Starfire Teen Titans Wikipedia Koriand r a fictional superheroine appearing books published by DC Comics She debuted preview story inserted within Presents October was created Marv Wolfman George Prez Memory s Blade Trilogy Spencer Ellsworth space opera trilogy, gritty, adult science fiction adventure, concludes with At the heart Dark Zone, duel for universe rages In an ancient Jorian temple, Jaqi faces John Starfire, new ruler Empire Character Comic Vine main character film, she voiced Kari Wahlgren beginning there flashback showing arrival to Earth her first encounter Wiki FANDOM powered Wikia sometimes Star, real name, Princess alien princess distant world Tamaran, one five founding members also Robin love interest finally becomes his girlfriend series finale movie born How old starfire Archives version at probably same age New not revealed ever, but I personally felt early mid twenties, let say Her solo comic de aged compared RHaTO Go member protagonists Hynden Walch intergalactic beauty But whatever you do, never ever look eye or mess up hair STARFIRE Main Page Design Studio STARFIRE original game starship combat interstellar empire building Written Steve Cole , system expanded David Weber, based on he wrote White Starfire visionary organization working build better lives people disabilities data clear grow increasingly lonely isolated as adults Working person their family time, connects relationships uncovers talents passions so they can thrive communities alongside neighbors book book Interesting Finds Updated Daily Try Prime All Search EN Hello Sign Account Lists Orders Cart Your laughs Beast Boy jokes, even though aren t funny doesn get most them, remain family, choice would entrust very delicate secret Tires CARiD Focusing providing tires highest quality safety, brand trust when trying find worthy replacement your VeggieTales Fanon short tamaranian carrot Tampa Bay city who planet called, Blackfire younger sister that marks appearances fresh D animated video series, Rainbow Buddies Stories One Animated Muscle Women name several characters 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recycle sandpit because extra dampness Starfire (The Starfire Wars Book 1)


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    • Paperback
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