臘 Chapter ƫ Running with the Demon for early readers 難 ePUB By Terry Brooks ﬤ

臘 Chapter ƫ Running with the Demon for early readers 難 ePUB By Terry Brooks ﬤ 臘 Chapter ƫ Running with the Demon for early readers 難 ePUB By Terry Brooks ﬤ Terry Brooks s Running with the Demon is billed as A Novel of Good and Evil, but he could ve called it A Novel of Here and Now The fantasy master behind the Shannara series switches his focus from neo Tolkien jungles to the woebegone steel town of Hopewell, Illinois Though Illinois teenager Nest Freemark where does he get these names looks like your average kid, she spends her free time in the woods asking her 6 inch pal Pick for advice in dodging the Demon and his creepy Feeders, spirits who gobble the souls of humans Nest is also being tailed by John Ross, a shining Knight of the Word who wants to keep her from the Feeders jaws. Meanwhile, in the real world that dominates the novel, Nest Freemark is being stalked by a handsome, evil classmate who she has rejected, and a pack of surly, insurgent striking steelworkers plot a bombing at the company s Fourth of July picnic The boy and the bombers are unaware that they re being subconsciously manipulated by the Demon The book s matter of fact take on the uncanny is a bit like The X Files And if you want to compare the two, check out Ted Edwards s X Files Confidential The Unauthorized X Philes Compendium Brooks s plot has strands than a plate of pasta, yet his mind is logical to a fault he used to be a lawyer There s something for everyone gory monster attacks, a dread family secret, magical mind game duels, even a rather flat teen romance subplot The setting has real grit and the countdown to the Independence Day bombing peps up the tale Brooks sometimes prosaically explains things a better literary stylist would dramatize, and his minatory visions of environmental apocalypse are fun than the obvious, nagging, don t be a litterbug message they exist to convey Brooks will never be as deep as Tolkien, and many readers will find him less awesome as their adolescence recedes Still, he s the genuine article, and with this book, he raises the stakes he s playing for.Hssst Nest His voice cut through the cottony layers of her sleep with the sharpness of a cat s claw Her head jerked off the pillow and her sleep fogged eyes snapped open Pick Wake up, girl The sylvan s voice squeaked with urgency The feeders are at it again I need you Nest Freemark pushed the sheet away and forced herself into an upright position, legs dangling off the side of the bed The night air was hot and sticky in spite of the efforts of the big floor fan that sat just inside her doorway She rubbed at her eyes to clear them and swallowed against the dryness in her throat Outside, she could hear the steady buzz of the locusts in the trees Who is it this time she asked, yawning The little Scott girl Bennett Oh, God She was fully awake now What happened Pick was standing on the window ledge just outside the screen, silhouetted in the moonlight He might be only six inches tall from the tips of his twiggy feet to the peak of his leafy head, but she could read the disgust in his gnarled wooden features as clearly as if he were six feet The mother s out with her worthless boyfriend again, shutting down bars That boy you fancy, young Jared, was left in charge of the other kids, but he had one of his attacks Bennett was still up you know how she is when her mother s not there, though goodness knows why She became scared and wandered off By the time the boy recovered, she was gone Now the feeders have her Do you need this in writing or are you going to get dressed and come help Nest jumped out of the bed without answering, slipped off her nightshirt, and pulled on her Grunge Lives T shirt, running shorts, socks, and tennis shoes Her face peeked out at her from the dresser mirror roundish with a wide forehead and broad cheekbones, pug nose with a scattering of freckles, green eyes that tended to squint, a mouth that quirked upward at the corners as if to suggest perpetual amusement, and a complexion that was starting to break out Passably attractive, but no stunner Pick was pacing back and forth on the sill He looked like twigs and leaves bound together into a child s tiny stick man His hands were making nervous gestures, the same ones they always made when he was agitated pulling at his silky moss beard and slapping at his bark encrusted thighs He couldn t help himself He was like one of those cartoon characters that charges around running into walls He claimed he was a hundred and fifty, but for being as old as he was, it didn t seem he had learned very much about staying calm She arranged a few pillows under the sheet to give the impression that she was still in the bed, sleeping The ruse would work if no one looked too closely She glanced at the clock It was two in the morning, but her grandparents no longer slept soundly and were apt to be up at all hours of the night, poking about She glanced at the open door and sighed There was no help for it She nudged the screen through the window and climbed out after it Her bedroom was on the first floor, so slipping away unnoticed was easy In the summer anyway, she amended, when it was warm and the windows were all open In the winter, she had to find her coat and go down the hallway and out the back door, which was a bit chancy But she had gotten pretty good at it Where is she she asked Pick, holding out her hand, palm up, so he could step into it Headed for the cliffs, last I saw He moved off the sill gingerly Daniel s tracking her, but we d better hurry Nest placed Pick on her shoulder where he could get a firm grip on her T shirt, fitted the screen back in place, and took off at a run She sped across the back lawn toward the hedgerow that bordered the park, the Midwest night air whipping across her face, fresh and welcoming after the stale closeness of her bedroom She passed beneath the canopies of solitary oaks and hickories that shaded the yard, their great limbs branching and dividing overhead in intricate patterns, their leaves reflecting dully in the mix of light from moon and stars The skies were clear and the world still as she ran, the houses about her dark and silent, the people asleep She found the gap in the hedgerow on the first try, ducked to clear the low opening, and was through Ahead, Sinnissippi Park opened before her, softball diamonds and picnic areas bright with moonlight, woods and burial grounds laced with shadows She angled right, toward the roadway that led into the park, settling into a smooth, even pace She was a strong runner, a natural athlete Her cross country coach said she was the best he had ever seen, although in the same breath he said she needed to develop better training habits At five feet eight inches and a hundred twenty pounds, she was lean and rangy and tough as nails She didn t know why she was that way certainly she had never worked at it She had always been agile, though, even when she was twelve and her friends were bumping into coffee tables and tripping over their own feet, all of them trying to figure out what their bodies were going to do next Now they were fourteen, and they pretty much knew Nest was blessed with a runner s body, and it was clear from her efforts the past spring that her talent was prodigious She had already broken every cross country record in the state of Illinois for girls fourteen and under She had done that when she was thirteen But five weeks ago she had e ntered the Rock River Invitational against runners eighteen and under, girls and boys She had swept the field in the ten thousand meter race, posting a time that shattered the state high school record by almost three minutes Everyone had begun to look at her a little differently after that Of course, they had been looking at Nest Freemark differently for one reason or another for most of her life, so she was less impressed by the attention now than she might have been earlier Just think, she reflected ruefully, how they would look at me if I told them about Pick Or about the magic She crossed the ball diamond closest to her house, reached the park entrance, and swept past the crossbar that was lowered to block the road after sunset She felt rested and strong her breathing was smooth and her heartbeat steady She followed the pavement for a short distance, then turned onto the grassy picnic area that led to the Sinnissippi burial mounds and the cliffs She could see the lights of the Sinnissippi Townhomes off to the right, low income housing with a fancy name That was where the Scotts lived Enid Scott was a single mother with five kids, very few life options, and a drinking problem Nest didn t think much of her nobody did But Jared was a sweetheart, her friend since grade school, and Bennett, at five the youngest of the Scott children, was a peanut who deserved a lot better than she had been getting of late Nest scanned the darkness ahead for some sign of the little girl, but there was nothing to see She looked for Wraith as well, but there was no sign of him either Just thinking of Wraith sent a shiver down her spine The park stretched away before her, vast, silent, and empty of movement She picked up her pace, the urgency of Bennett s situation spurring her on Pick rode easily on her shoulder, attached in the manner of a clamp, arms and legs locked on her sleeve He was still muttering to himself, that annoyingly incessant chatter in which he indulged ad nauseam in times of stress But Nest let him be Pick had a lot of responsibility to exercise, and it was not being made any easier by the increasingly bold behavior of the feeders It was bad enough that they occupied the caves below the cliffs in ever expanding numbers, their population grown so large that it was no longer possible to take an accurate count But where before they had confined their activities to nighttime appearances in the park, now al l of a sudden they were starting to surface everywhere in Hopewell, sometimes even in daylight It was all due to a shifting in the balance of things, Pick advised And if the balance was not righted, soon the feeders would be everywhere Then what was he supposed to do The trees ahead thickened, trunks tightening in a dark wall, limbs closing out the night sky Nest angled through the maze, her eyes adjusting to the change in light, seeing everything, picking out all the details She dodged through a series of park toys, spring mounted rides for the smallest children, jumped a low chain divider, and raced back across the roadway and into the burial mounds There was still no sign of Bennett Scott The air was cooler here, rising off the Rock River where it flowed west below the cliffs in a broad swath toward the Mississippi In the distance, a freight train wailed as it made its way east through the farmland The summer night was thick with heat, and the whistle seemed muted and lost It died away slowly, and in the ensuing silence the sounds of the insects resurfaced, a steady, insistent hum Nest caught sight of Daniel then, a dark shadow as he swooped down from the trees just long enough to catch her attention before wheeling away again There, girl Pick shouted needlessly in her ear She raced in pursuit of the barn owl, following his lead, heading for the cliffs She ran through the burial mounds, low, grassy hummocks clustered at the edge of the roadway Ahead, the road ended in a turnaround at the park s highest point That was where she would find Bennett. 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    • Running with the Demon
    • 1.1
    • 12
    • Format Kindle
    • 450 pages
    • Terry Brooks
    • Anglais
    • 01 August 2017

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