⑈ Format Kindle ᣴ The Hidden Brain: How Our Unconscious Minds Elect Presidents, Control Markets, Wage Wars, and Save Our Lives ⑬ PDF by Shankar Vedantam │

⑈ Format Kindle ᣴ The Hidden Brain: How Our Unconscious Minds Elect Presidents, Control Markets, Wage Wars, and Save Our Lives  ⑬ PDF by Shankar Vedantam │ ⑈ Format Kindle ᣴ The Hidden Brain: How Our Unconscious Minds Elect Presidents, Control Markets, Wage Wars, and Save Our Lives ⑬ PDF by Shankar Vedantam │ CHAPTER 1 The Myth of Intention Five days before her thirtieth birthday, on August 24, 1986, Toni Gustus was out on her patio It was a Sunday, about four oclock in the afternoon, and Gustus was in a T shirt working on some plants She had just moved to Massachusetts from Iowa the only contact she had in town was the person who had hired her for a job at the United Way in Framingham She had found a small two bedroom basement apartment with a living room that opened onto a sunken patio When she stood on the patio, the street came up to her chest A man strolled by and asked for directions His eyes seemed glassy and his speech was slurred Gustus did not know how to direct the man, but her Midwestern upbringing kept her from giving a curt answer and turning away She told him she was new in town and unsure of the local geography She pointed him in a direction she thought might be helpful The man did not turn away He took another step toward the patio and asked if a different street could take him to the same place She told him what she knew, but she was starting to feel uncomfortable It was as if they were suddenly having a conversation The man took another step to the edge of the patio Gustus told the man she had to go inside She turned, and he jumped down onto the patio He grabbed her arm She raised her voice immediately and told him to leave He asked for a glass of water Gustus could smell alcohol on his breath She protested, and he started to shove her back into the apartment A driver in a passing car saw a man and woman having what seemed to be an altercation on a patio The driver went to the corner, turned around, and came back for another look By the time the car got back to the spot, the patio was empty The driver moved on The intruder was not much taller than Gustus She was about five foot five, and he may have been five foot nine or ten But he was considerably stronger The moment he shoved her into the apartment, she started fighting She screamed, and he clamped a hand over her mouth He was carrying a portable music player, and Gustus seized the headphones cord and wound it around his neck He seized her throat They struggled, trying to subdue each other, until Gustus felt she was going to pass out Something primal than fear kicked in Gustus let go of the headphones cord and went passive It wasnt just that he was stronger He was so drunk that she feared he might asphyxiate her and not even know it No matter what happe ned, she wanted to get out alive The moment he started removing her clothes, another instinct kicked in Gustus started to memorize details about the man He was white and in his early twenties He had a little black cross on one arm that may have been ink or may have been a tattoo He had dark blond hair that fell over his forehead and his ears His hair was parted in the middle His nose was long in proportion to his face His eyes were blue and relatively narrow He had a tapered jaw On and on she went, looking for distinctive features She swore to herself, I am not going to forget this face After he raped her, the man allowed her to dress He put on his clothes He was not done it appeared he wanted to have a conversation Gustus could not believe he wanted small talk In a sympathetic voice, he told her that Sometimes it is not good for women when it is like this Gustus was stunned He had no idea what he had just done He was subdued for now, but who knew how long it would last Screaming for help was out of the question she had tried that, and no one had responded She had to get out of the apartment Calmly keeping up her end of the small talk, she told the rapist she needed a glass of water from the kitchen She asked if he wanted a glass, too He did nothing to stop her from walking out of the living room The door to the apartment was next to the kitchen, and Gustus simply opened the door and kept walking A strange calm descended upon her She knew what she had to do From a drugstore, she called her boss and told him what had happened He drove by, picked her up, and took her to the police station Police officers administered a rape kit, and immediately asked Gustus to tell them everything distinctive about the rapist Gustus unloaded every detail she had memorized about the manthe nose, the chin, the eyes, the hair The man had been wearing a blue and white shirt, a blue windbreaker, and jeans An artist came up with a composite picture that Gustus thought was fairly accurate She told the police the mans voice was slurred, but she was good with voices and had memorized how he sounded By the time the police arrived at the crime scene, the rapist was gone, but he had left his windbreaker behind There was a burrito wrapped in plastic and foil inside one pocket Police officers traced it to a convenience store There was a black and white film security camera in the store, and the police showed Gustus the grainy video She recognized the rapist the moment she saw him even though the tape did not show his face Gustus had memorized the mans body language, the way he carried himself The police showed her photos of a number of possible suspects and pictures from local high school yearbooks None of the photos matched the rapist About a month after the crime, the police asked Gustus if a drifter they had picked up was the man Gustus said no In early December, the police picked up a man who matched the composite picture Late one evening, police detectives brought Gustus a set of fifteen photos Gustus pointed to the photo of the man the police had picked up, but she said she needed to see him before she could be sure Through a one way mirror at the police station, Gustus thought she saw the rapist She was cautious by nature, and asked if she could hear the mans voice The police held a door ajar so Gustus could hear the suspect speak Gustus told the police she was 95 percent sure that the man in custody was the rapist His name, she learned, was Eric Sarsfield Gustus spent Christmas that year with her family, in a small Illinois town across the Iowa border She had thought a lot about Sarsfield in the days after shed identified him She was quite certain he was the rapist but was worried about the sliver of doubt at the back of her mind Gustus was the sort of person who took responsibility for everything no matter the situation, she asked herself what she had done wrong, or what she could have done better Was her sliver of uncertainty only a manifestation of this trait to doubt herself There was a Presbyterian church in town that Gustus had long known it was a place of refuge and comfort She was a person of faith, and the church always renewed her She used to sing in the choir, and the choir director had been her voice teacher Sitting in the safe space of the church, ensconced by family, Gustus suddenly felt the burden of doubt lift from her shoulders She was not 95 percent sure that Eric Sarsfield was the rapist she was 100 percent certain She testified against Sarsfield When asked how certain she was that the man sitting in the defendants chair was the rapist, Gustus said she was sure The defense, of course, pointed out that Gustus had initially not been certain But there were many things about Gustus and the crime that made her testimony compelling She had seen her assailant for an hour in broad daylight on a sunny day She was an extraordinarily diligent witness with a keen memory for every distinctive detail about the rapist Her trustworthiness was unimpeachable, her caution exemplary She was not the kind of person to say Sarsfield was guilty if she had the slightest doubt Sarsfield pleaded innocent, but that did not mean much Gustus told herself that it was possible he had no recollection of the crime because he had been so drunk The jury was out for several days As usual, Gustus took responsibility for the delay She remonstrated with herself for being so cautious at first She was now afraid that the doubt she had initially expressed would cause the jury to set free a dangerous mana rapist who would go on to harm other women She wanted to see Sarsfield convicted and put behind bars In the end, when the jury found him guilty, Gustus felt a tremendous relief The months since the crime had been terribly difficult, and she wanted to move on with her life.In The Hidden Brain, one of America s best science journalists describes how our unconscious minds influence everything from criminal trials to charitable giving, from suicide bombers to presidential elections The Hidden Brain is a smart and engaging exploration of the science behind the headlines and of the little man behind the screen Don t miss it Daniel Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness Shankar Vedantam brings his critical eye to a question that has haunted scientists and writers for centuries Does the unconscious matter, and if so, how With a light touch, the book takes us through the complicated landscape of research on psychology and human behavior We come away not only understanding how we act, but Vedantam moves past mainstream economic reasoning to shed light on the relationships we create with each other The book addresses the madness and beauty of our struggles to create a moral and just world Sudhir Venkatesh, author of Gang Leader for a Day A Rogue Sociologist Takes to theStreets From the Hardcover edition. Hidden Brain Shankar Vedantam Keynote Speaker The Hidden is an altogether spectacular read, the kind that gives best possible hope for changing our minds toward fairness, greater self awareness, and a NPR Oct , uses science storytelling to reveal unconscious patterns drive human behavior, shape choices direct relationships The How Our Unconscious Minds Elect Aug hidden brain voice in ear when we make most important decisions lives but re never aware of it decides whom fall Book Vedantam ABOUT THE BOOK idea grew out Sunday magazine cover story wrote Washington Post called See No BiasThat focused on effects prejudice Elephant Motives Everyday Life millions other books are available Kindle Learn new book by Kevin Simler elephant room, nAn issue people reluctant acknowledge or address social taboo brain, unacknowledged feature how work introspective Can you find bunny this teaser INSIDER Jun Hungarian artist Gergely Duds creates puzzles images In illustration, he hid among crowd cats If can t bunny, keep scrolling solution Epidemic Tapeworms Living Inside People s Brains May A overrun with cysts from Taenia solium, tapeworm normally inhabits muscles pigs Dangers Going Under Scientific American Apr Anesthesia may have lingering side even years after operation Ron Gutman power smiling TED Talk I started my journey California, UC Berkeley year longitudinal study examined photos students old yearbook, tried measure their success well being throughout life Monetize, advertise analyze Android apps AppBrain AppBrain built AppTornado GmbH, startup offices Switzerland Netherlands led two ex Google engineers We as app developers published games were downloaded than hundred million users Heredity BrainPOP Ever wonder why look like your parents Find dominant recessive genetic traits work, what peas do all Hidden Shankar Wikipedia American journalist, writer, correspondent NPR His reporting focuses behavior sciences About Before joining National Public Radio was national writer at Radio, based DC He formerly columnist Post, Nieman Fellow Harvard University helps curious understand world themselves Using storytelling, host reveals WHQR BrainThe focus his sciences, research those fields get listeners think about news unusual interesting ways HiddenBrain Twitter latest Tweets Exploring Team KCUR Texas tpr Neimann Washington, From Hardcover edition Affordable Care Act, Medicaid And Divorce Mar As Republicans unveil Act replacement, examine expansion Programs Z WUWM WUWM FM Milwaukee provides local depth news, unbiased programs Sangeet Natak Akademi Award Sangeet Puraskar IPA Sa g ta N aka Ak dam Purask ra award given Akademi, India Academy Music, Dance DramaIt highest Indian recognition practicing artists earlier consisted Rs ,, citation, angavastram shawl tamrapatra brass plaque SJBHS Welcome ST JOSEPH S BOYS HIGH SCHOOL, Bangalore early Bishop Bonnaud planned start Catholic High school But proposal took concrete only priests Missions Etrangeres de Paris MEP bought plot land sum More News Events Cristina Pato Bagpiper, pianist, educator, producer, composer independent Devdas Devdas Bengali transliterated Debd romance novel written Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay Customer reviews helpful customer review ratings Presidents, Control Markets, Wage Wars, Save Lives Read honest product Stream Podcasts Free Internet TuneIn Listen here TuneIn anytime, anywhere Wow World podcast way families connect, up discover wonders around them Economics McGill University Economics learn issues central societies department high quality education levels, offered scholars international reputation company excellent Inspiring For Professionals Of Every Stripe Dec has quickly risen novelty medium increasingly popular informative form content fact, Edison Research found Americans % Books anatomy, evolution, An Arrow Indicates Your Location MyBrainNotes HOME EXPLORE SITE OUTLINE BROWSE BOOKS CONTACT ME Reviews Excerpts About Evolution, Cognition, Neurobiology Behavior Wikipedia Hindsight bias Bridge Conference today environment, fundraisers marketers must rely balance creative ideas data driven analytics maximize effectiveness The Hidden Brain: How Our Unconscious Minds Elect Presidents, Control Markets, Wage Wars, and Save Our Lives


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