רּ Free Format Kindle [ ᅧ The Way of the Strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State ] ᐭ Kindle Author Graeme Wood ᓘ

רּ Free Format Kindle [ ᅧ The Way of the Strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State ] ᐭ Kindle Author Graeme Wood ᓘ רּ Free Format Kindle [ ᅧ The Way of the Strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State ] ᐭ Kindle Author Graeme Wood ᓘ The Chosen Sect Man at last will begin to harmonize himself in earnest He will make it his business to achieve beauty by giving the movement of his own limbs the utmost precision, purposefulness and economy in his work, his walk and his play He will try to master first the semiconscious and then the subconscious processes in his own organism, such as breathing, the circulation of the blood, digestion, and reproduction The human species, the coagulated Homo sapiens, will once enter into a state of radical transformation Leon Trotsky, Literature and Revolution 1924 The Islamic States war for the end of the world began for me the same way it has for many others with a lesson in etiquette In October 2011, two and a half years before the declaration of the caliphate of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, I came to Cairo, the capital of Egypt and the largest city in the Arab world That Cairo is also the most ill mannered city in the Arab world is not in doubt whether one loves it or reviles it for its discourtesy is a matter of taste Short term visitors are cheated by cab drivers or browbeaten by tourist guides, and they board their flights home denouncing Cairo as a city of rogues But Cairos disobedience often breeds clevernessartistic, social, literaryof a productive and admirable sort Nine months before, it had made Cairo a crucible of political renewal, when the Tahrir Square revolution ousted Hosni Mubarak and put in his place a provisional government led by the Muslim Brotherhood, and therefore far friendlier to religious politics Now the country faced an uncertain fate, and all factions were plotting, with varying competence, to press their advantages At twilight, after the sun is down and before the shop lights and street lamps switch on, Cairo becomes a city lit by headlights, and the dust and grit from the days traffic hang visibly in the air One such evening, at a political rally near Tahrir Square, I met Hesham Elashry, then in his early fifties, and accepted his invitation to a meal and a stroll Hesham was a politically engaged Muslim At the time, there was not yet an Islamic State to support, but he associated with other people and groups with clear jihadist leanings He did not conceal his motive in talking to me he wanted me to become a Muslim We were downtown, in an area near several government ministries and offices Traffic interrupted our dialogue now and then But occasionally wed pass close to a sensitive building, and security checkpoints would stop most cars from entering, so that wed have a few minutes of pedestrian peace Hesham filled the silences His instruction began with bearing, poise, and dress I had been hopping around to avoid tripping on chasms in the broken pavement Hesham approved of my pace and noted that the Prophet Muhammad walked quickly as well The Prophet walked fast, he said, as if he was jogging He corrected me, politely, with literally every step When the cars came back, they passed close, their slipstream tickling the hairs on my forearm and dusting us with carbon Walk this way, he said, taking my left arm with his right arm and putting himself, chivalrously, between me and the traffic The Prophet said to touch other people with your right hand, to keep what is good on your right He explained the virtue of elegant footsteps, particularly for women of hair kept short on certain parts of the face and body and allowed to grow jungly elsewhere of gentle language, for both men and women, and abstention from guttersnipe dialects of Arabic in favor of the baroque and complex language of classical Arabic and the Koran I felt myself straightening my back and tongue under his tutelage He could be kind and insulting in the same sentence With Islam, there is a way for everything, he told mea way to pick ones teeth with a miswak, a gingery tasting stick , a way to dress in loose trousers that stop mid calf, exposing the ankles , a way to eat and drink Without Islam, you are like an animal, just making decisions based on instinct, and ruled by base pleasures Worse than an animal, another jihadist later told me An animal has to obey Allah It has no soul, no will You can disobey You can be worse Hesham assured me that God would be patient If you become a Muslim tonight, he said, you will be a baby Muslim Just as a child learns to walk by pulling himself up, staggering and tumbling, I would be expected to falter and misstep at first But he promised I would soon glide through the world with righteous aplomb I would float three inches above the filth of the sidewalks and the decay of the mortal worldin it, but no longer of it The Sheikh Henry Higgins routine, offering an extreme makeover of my soul, had a political purpose as well as a personal one When the Islamic States predecessors in Iraq began recruiting globally over the next few years, they stressed a theme of metamorphosis through Islam And I recognized from my experience with Hesham, which did not end with that gritty stroll, that he had been recruiting me to join than his religion He was recruiting me to a polity that didnt yet exist, an Islamic state that might resemble, ultimately, the Islamic State to come One of the illusions surrounding the Islamic State is that it arose from nowhere, that it drew itself into being on a blank slate But it could never have achieved so much, so fast, if there had not been millions of people already hungry for what the Islamic State promised And in Heshams proselytizing I detected a voracious appetite Both Hesham and the Islamic State adhere to a broad category of Islamic interpretation and practice known as Salafism The term Salafi comes from the Arabic al salaf al salih the pious forefathers , which refers to the first three generations of Muslims Sunni Muslims all profess to adore these early Muslims and to take them, after the Prophet himself, as models of behavior The reason for this veneration is a saying of the Prophet The best of my community are my generation, the ones who follow them, and the ones who follow them Salafis take the Koran, the example of the Prophet, and the actions and beliefs of these men and women as their primary sources of religious authority, and they reject the opinions of many Muslims who came later In reviving the ways of the Salaf, they tend to view the present world as a fallen one, and the majority of Muslimswho are not Salafias misguided for modifying or modernizing the faith from its perfect beginnings Salafis reserve particular scorn for Sufis and Shia Both Sufis and Shia, Salafis contend, are guilty of idolatry shirk for their innovative practices, particularly the veneration of saints and building shrines Salafis first order of business is to expiate sin by ridding the world of these innovations Some Salafis have been willing to use force to do so Most household name violent jihadists, including Osama bin Laden and the Islamic States Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, have been jihadi Salafis Since the Prophet and his followers lived in a period of military conquest, their historical example offers modern jihadists ample precedent for violence But to model oneself after the Prophet and his followers is not necessarily to embrace violence, and to fight in the name of Islam is not to be Salafi In Chechnya and Libya, to name two recent venues, Sufis have wreaked havoc on infidel armies And most Salafis are political quietists who eschew political violence and concentrate on personal piety Salafism, in a form evangelized by Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab 17031792 , is the state religion of Saudi Arabia, and that countrys political establishment views Salafism as a way to keep its population acquiescent to the existing order Well behaved Salafis seldom make history, however, and neither Hesham nor Abu Bakr al Baghdadi has been among the couth of their kind They believe it is a virtue and an obligation to resist, violently, an infidel political order The name of that resistance is jihad Those who think the ideology of the Islamic State emerged Athena like, suddenly and fully formed, from the head of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi would see their illusion dispelled by observing the transformation of Hesham, and the rise of jihadi Salafism as a whole.Readers are taken on a global journey to meet the frothing fans of ISIS Graeme Wood wants to know these people, to get in their skin, to understand how they see the world Unlike most journalists writing about Islam today, there is no partisan axe to grind here, no hidden agenda to subtly advance To these troubled men, Islam is not an opiate of the masses it is a euphoric, reality bending, and ultimately self annihilating psychedelic New Republic Graeme Wood shows, convincingly, that the stifling and abhorrent practices of the Islamic State are rooted in Islam itselfnot mainstream Islam, but in scriptures and practices that have persisted for centuries The Islamic State, such as it is, is a dangerous place, and Woods book amounts to a tour around its far edges.Dexter Filkins, The New York Times Book Review Worthy of Joseph Conrad In a field where there has admittedly been little competition, Woods book ranks as the funniest yet written on Islamic State As in many a British sitcom, the comedy mostly emerges from the disequilibrium between the scale of his characters pretensions and ambitions and the banality of their day to day lives Gripping, sobering and revelatory New Statesman UK The best way to defeat the Islamic State is to understand it And to do that, the best place to start is The Way of the Strangers A series of gripping, fascinating portraits Wood has the talented journalists skill for interview and observation Hes an astute psychologist and a good writer to boot Its a great read But importantly, Woods book reveals truths about ISIS that are hiding in plain sightbut that our leaders make themselves willfully ignorant of They ought to read his book, too The Week Indispensable and gripping From Mosul to Melbourne, from Cairo to Tokyo, from London to Oslo, from Connecticut to California, Graeme Woods quest to understand the Islamic State is a round the world journey to the end of the night As individuals, the men he encounters are misfits, even losers But their millenarian Islamist ideology makes them the most dangerous people on the planet.Niall Ferguson, senior fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, author of The War of the World Over the course of its short life, the Islamic State has inspired millions, thousands of whom have rallied to its cause in search of a glorious death But why Are its devotees nothing than sadists and two bit mafiosi for whom religion is a fig leaf and who will fade away in the face of military defeat In this essential book, Graeme Wood draws on than a decade of reporting to demolish these and other comforting deceptions The Islamic States devotees are true believers indeed, and their nightmarish vision will haunt our world for decades to come, regardless of what happens on the battlefield.Reihan Salam, executive editor, National Review Graeme Wood is Americas foremost interpreter of ISIS as a world historical phenomenon In The Way of the Strangers, he has given us the definitive work to date on the origins, plans, and meaning of the worlds most dangerous terrorist organization Wood is a fearless, relentlessly curious, and magnetically interesting writer who takes us on an intellectual and theological journey to the darkest places on the planet, yet he manages to do this without despairing for our collective future This book is a triumph of journalism.Jeffrey Goldberg, editor in chief, The Atlantic Praise for Graeme Woods What ISIS Really Wants An intelligent and detailed account of the ideology that animates the Islamic State.Fareed Zakaria, CNN, author of The Post American World One of the most important essays this year.David Brooks, The New York Times, author of The Road to Character Fascinating, terrifying, occasionally blackly humorous.Steven Pinker, Johnstone Family Professor of Psychology, Harvard University, author of The Better Angels of Our Nature Mr Woods piece is bracing because it is fearless It is going to change the debate.Peggy Noonan, The Wall Street Journal, author of What I Saw at the Revolution A rare, genuine must read I felt challenged, even provoked, through it all.Shadi Hamid, the Brookings Institution, author of Islamic Exceptionalism N v Full Online Version The Way of the Ninja If you re a fan our games, tutorials or ideas, and d like to show your support financially, if just want help keep N servers running, please click button below make donation The International Home International, Way, La Voie, El Camino, Abundance Power, Magazine, Disciples Outreach Program, Disciples, 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    • The Way of the Strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State
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    • 04 November 2016

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