ₒ Pdf ≩ The Acupressure Atlas online ₡ Author BERNARD C KOLSTER M.D. ⃚

ₒ Pdf ≩ The Acupressure Atlas online ₡ Author BERNARD C KOLSTER M.D. ⃚ ₒ Pdf ≩ The Acupressure Atlas online ₡ Author BERNARD C KOLSTER M.D. ⃚ Targeting Ailments with AcupressureWhole Body MassageThe basic acupressure techniques of stroking, kneading, and shaking can also be used to massage the entire body and all the acupressure points on it It is useful to carry out a whole or partial body massage before acupressure treatment The whole body massage illustrated in the following pages is a partner massage, beginning with the front of the body and ending with the back of the body The complete massage takes about forty five to sixty minutes.Left With your partner lying on his or her back, the massage begins on the front of the body on the left leg and ends in the abdomen and chest The numbers indicate the precise order.Right With your partner lying on his or her stomach, the massage begins on the right leg and ends on the back.Massage of the Front of the BodyFor this part of the massage, your partner lies on his or her back.Massaging the ArmsAfter you have massaged both legs, massage the arms, working with first the right and then the left Make sure that your partners arms are loose and relaxed for this part of the massage.1, 2 Introductory StrokesBegin the massage on the right arm at the wrist Take the wrist between your hands, and glide your hands up the arm to the shoulder, gradually increasing your pressure as you move toward the shoulder Return your hands to their starting position without losing contact with your partners skin Perform this stroking a total of ten times.3, 4 Kneading and StrokingNow knead the muscles of the lower arm, perpendicular to their fibers Then knead the biceps on the upper arm After you have kneaded the lower and upper arm for one to two minutes each, repeat the ten strokes from wrist to shoulder as described above.5 ShakingNow bend your partners arm at the elbow and, holding the wrist in both hands, lift the arm a few inches, until the upper arm no longer touches the ground Shake the arm to the left and right with small movements.Begin the massage of the arm with strokes from the wrist up to the shoulder Make sure to maintain contact with your partners skin at all times.Now knead the muscles of the upper arm between your thumb and fingers.After the kneading, carry out strokes.To conclude, shake your partners arm.The Points of the Three Yang Meridians on the Upper ArmsThree meridians run along the outside and back of the upper arms the Large Intestine, Triple Heater, and Small Intestine meridians This section discusses the most effective points of these meridians and their treatment possibilities.Locating the Points on the Upper Arms The Large Intestine MeridianThe Large Intestine meridian runs along the outside of the upper arm When carried out as a sequence, massage of the points Large Intestine 11 to 15 stimulates the flow of energy in the Large Intestine meridian.Large Intestine 11 Pool at the BendThis point is easiest to locate when the elbow is bent at a right angle In this position, Large Intestine 11 is located between the outer edge of the elbow fold and the knobby protrusion of the elbow bone.This point has a wide range of applications It can be used to treat acute infections in the throat and neck area that are accompanied by fever and headaches, as well as pain in the elbow or lower arm, hypertension, and psychological and psychosomatic ailments It also can be massaged to alleviate allergies.Large Intestine 13 Arm Five LiBecause of its location, Large Intestine 13 is also known as Arm Five Li, or Five Lengths of the Hand This point is located 3 cun above Large Intestine 11 It can be used to treat pain in the upper arm, as well as limited range of motion in the upper arm.Large Intestine 14 Upper ArmLarge Intestine 14 is 7 cun above Large Intestine 11, on the outside of the upper arm It can be used to treat pain in the bicep and shoulder muscles This point can also be massaged to treat eye illnesses as well as lymph blockages in the neck, throat, and armpit area.Large Intestine 15 Shoulder BoneThis point is easiest to locate when the arm is extended to the side, away from the body In this position, Large Intestine 15 is between the front and middle part of the deltoid muscle that shapes the contour of the shoulder Because of its location it is also called Shoulder Bone, though in fact it is located slightly in front of and below the actual bone This point is used to treat problems in the shoulder joint, including limited range of motion, as well as itchy rashes.Note For the upper arms, you can massage either yourself or a partner In either case, you should massage first all the points on one arm, and then all the points on the other You can also apply moxibustion to any of these points.The large intestine meridian contains a number of important points on the outside of the upper arm that can be massaged to alleviate pain in that area.Massaging the Points on the Upper Arms The Large Intestine MeridianAcupressure of the four points of the Large Intestine meridian on the upper arms is done in a sequence from the elbow to the shoulder The massage proceeds from one point to the next with a gliding movement, thus connecting the four points However, any of these points can also be massaged individually for its specific effects in this case, the point should be massaged for two to three minutes.1 4 Large Intestine 11 and Large Intestine 13 to 15 Begin with Large Intestine 11 With the tip of your index finger, apply first steady and then circling pressure for one to two minutes Then glide your index finger along the skin to Large Intestine 13, and massage this point in the same manner Repeat this procedure for Large Intestine 14 and 15 When you have finished massaging Large Intestine 15, start again at Large Intestine 11, and repeat the sequence five times.Left Begin the sequence with Large Intestine 11.Right Follow the course of the meridian to Large Intestine 13 without losing contact with your partners skin.Left After massaging Large Intestine 13, continue to Large Intestine 14.Right The sequence ends with the massage of Large Intestine 15.What s unique about this book is the photos for each situation You do not ever have to guess or assume The book stays open so you can refer to it while working M Stoodley, writer and yoga teacher, Nov 2007 If I had to pick just one book on acupressure for my personal library, The Acupressure Atlas, with its clearly explained and well illustrated information, would be the one can be used to self treat or to treat a partner or a child, making this book a fantastic gift or an excellent addition to anyone s collection of books on natural healing Animal Radio, May 2008 offers far insights on home how to basic health care than most titles and an emphasis on visuals which makes for infallible applications The Midwest Book Review, Apr 2008 an attractive text with useful photographs throughout and makes a lovely addition to the office bookshelf for massage therapists, acupressure specialists, or every day people who want to begin exploring natural techniques The book is well organized, easy to follow and will lie open flat, making the over sized text valuable as a reference tool Angela England, Suite 101, May 2008 Both the medical doctors authoring this book, have through painstaking thoroughness, explained and elucidated every point, meridian and technique to facilitate the reader to obtain expertise in this self healing form of treatment Sheela Bhojwani, East and West Series, Vol 50, No 3, Mar 2008 An easy to follow book and excellent reference for natural health practitioners and even novices looking for self help Making Scents, Winter Spring 2008 This giant paperbound book is filled with detailed photos and illustrations that will teach you the fundamentals of accupressure, with frequent references to its origins in ancient lore of Chinese medicine Rainbo Electronic Reviews, May 2008 If I had to pick just one book on acupressure for my personal library, The Acupressure Atlas, with its clearly explained and well illustrated information, would be the one can be used to self treat or to treat a partner or a child, making this book a fantastic gift or an excellent addition to anyone s collection of books on natural healing Susan LosCalzo, New Age Retailer, Expo 2008 The design of this book is both practical and attractive The material is easy to follow especially due to so many great photos and the information given is clear and easy to understand This is a valuable resource for bodywork practitioners as well as a very thorough introduction for those who want to learn Acupressure or try it at home Alaska Wellness, May 2011 Hands down, The Acupressure Atlas is the best beginners book on acupressure TCM Reviews, May 2011 Acupressure I have used all the products of acupressure in my clinic buying from ACS health care center James Nicole Nice website and facilities 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