ῴ free Format Kindle ↥ The Battle for Hell's Island: How a Small Band of Carrier Dive-Bombers Helped Save Guadalcanal ῾ By Stephen L Moore ‛

ῴ free Format Kindle ↥ The Battle for Hell's Island: How a Small Band of Carrier Dive-Bombers Helped Save Guadalcanal  ῾ By Stephen L Moore ‛ ῴ free Format Kindle ↥ The Battle for Hell's Island: How a Small Band of Carrier Dive-Bombers Helped Save Guadalcanal ῾ By Stephen L Moore ‛ PREFACEIf youre going to miss with your bomb, you might as well stay home and let a good pilot take your place.The sharp words still sizzled in Lieutenant Birney Strongs mind as he looked at the perfect scene playing out before him Fourteen thousand feet below on the blue Pacific surface were the distinctive flat lines of two Japanese aircraft carriers Birney had a determined calm about him as he briefly eyed the thin white wakes streaming behind the gleaming yellow hued hardwood flight decks far below his dive bomber. I couldnt ask for a better setup, he thought A dive bomber pilots dream.He had not felt as happy the night before as he sat in the carrier Enterprises wardroom The ships air officer, Commander John Crommelin, had lectured his aviators about what he expected from them the following day Birney puffed on his cigarette and gulped black coffee as the commander barked, The Japs are determined to drive us out of the south Pacific If they get through to Guadalcanal with their carriers tomorrow, the Japs will take it If Guadalcanal falls, our lifeline to Australia will be menaced.Crommelin emphasized that his aviators were to concentrate on knocking out the enemys carriers The comment about letting a good pilot take your place if necessary had particular harshness for Birney Strong that was not felt by the junior aviators Just two months before, he had sighted and reported a Japanese carrier force off the Solomon Islands Instead of attacking, he had led his wingman home, a decision he had regretted for weeks Crommelin had of course chastised Strong for his decision not to attack Since that day, most of Strongs squadron had been granted leave back to the States, but not Birney He had been ordered right back out to the Pacific war zone to continue the fight for Guadalcanal Now the third senior pilot of a new scout bombing carrier squadron, he had one goal to prove his valor to Commander Crommelin by blasting the next Japanese carrier he faced.In his own mind, however, Birney had nothing to prove to himself He had been involved in almost every major Pacific offensive since the start of World War II ten months ago The handsome, blond haired, blue eyed pilot had a swagger of confidence that he had earned In February, he was one of the first pilots to attack Japanese shipping in the Gilbert Islands In March, he had attacked Japanese shipping in the New Guinea harbors of Lae and Salamaua In early May, he made three attacks against Japanese ships in Tulagi Harbor in the Solomons Strong dive bombed the Japanese carrier Shoho three days later during the Coral Sea carrier battle and then used his SBD Dauntless dive bomber like a fighter to battle Japanese Zero fighters attacking his own task force.Lieutenant Strong was a top notch pilot who had racked up eight hundred flight hours since graduating from the U.S Naval Academy in 1937 His awards already included a Navy Cross, an honor second only to a Medal of Honor He was good at what he did, and was not afraid to let others know of his confidence He knew that some considered him to be arrogant But the cocky scout pilot from Washington, DC, needed than his impressive record to restore the goodwill of his air officer Strongs failure to attack the Japanese carrier in August off the Eastern Solomons was a personal mission to correct.Now, on the morning of October 26, 1942, was his fresh chance High above the Pacific, Birney Strong was leading one of the eight teams of SBDs on the early scout strike mission He was fired up and ready to make his bomb count I think youll find the yellowbellies are in your sector, Birney told his squadron skipper before takeoff When you find them, call out loud.His skipper had indeed located the enemy and Strong moved in quickly with his wingman, Ensign Chuck Irvine They soon spotted the Japanese carriers Shokaku and Zuiho emerging from under a layer of clouds far below their dive bombers Uncle John Crommelins speech the previous evening left little doubt in Birneys mind His mission was to turn back the Japanese carriers that threatened thousands of U.S Marines on Guadalcanal and the course of Americas first Pacific offensive Uncle John had made it clear that the aviators should knock the sons of bitches off the face of the earth.Lieutenant Birney Strong of VS 5.Birney glanced over to Irvines nearby SBD He planned to dive on the nearest flattop, so he patted the top of his leather flight helmet Ive got it, Birney signaled to Ensign Irvine Follow me.Birney activated his dive flaps Irvine instinctively slid his Dauntless away to allow the proper spacing interval The pair nosed over two and three quarter miles above their prey to begin the thirty second plunge to the release point.The teakwood deck of Zuiho grew closer by the second The big red circle painted forward on the Japanese aircraft carriers flight deck looked like the bulls eye on a dartboard Birney Strong had no intention of drawing the scorn of Commander Crommelin again He would nail this bastard with his bomb or die trying.ONEIts All Exciting as HellD amn my luck.Warm salt spray hit Robert John Henry Weinzapfels face as he watched another dive bomber hurtle forward down the teak covered flight deck It was not uncommon for off duty sailors to gather topside in Vultures Row on the island superstructure to watch aircraft departing from and landing on their massive carrier The seaborne airfield was only 90 feet wide but stretched 880 feet, nearly three football fields long One by one, the blue gray colored warplanes roared skyward.The smell of tropical flora was in the air and the Hawaiian Islands were breaking the horizon in the distance The seas were rough The ship was rolling something awful, and a few of the boys furnished us with some thrills in taking off, Weinzapfel wrote that night.1He watched as some of his squadrons junior pilotsEnsigns Tony Quigley, Marvin Haschke, Richard Neely, Jack Leppla, and Roy Halelaunched Even Harry Wood, the newest pilot who had joined a month after Robert, was now en route to liberty on Oahu.The date was October 18, 1941, and Ensign Weinzapfel looked on with envy as the planes soared away After eighteen months in flight training, he was now grounded He massaged the injured ear that had taken him off active flight duty and cursed his own poor luck.His fellow pilots had lifted off from the deck of the U.S Navys aircraft carrier Lexington CV 2 She and her sister Saratoga CV 3 were the largest warships afloat, each nearly nine hundred feet in length and in service since 1927 Named for American Revolution battles, Lexington and Saratoga had been laid down on the hulls of battle cruisers, and each behemoth would displace fifty thousand tons when fully loaded Many of their sailors had affectionately nicknamed the sibling flattops Lady Lex and Sister Sara Each could operate ninety aircraft and sported only two aircraft elevators, as opposed to three on the newer carriers being built By 1941, however, both carriers were effectively restricted to a single elevator, as neither used the smaller elevators at all during daylight operations.As of late 1941, each Navy fleet carrier operated two dive bomber squadrons The carriers Ranger CV 4 and Wasp CV 7 were on duty in the Atlantic, handling neutrality patrols against Nazi U boats The Navys newest carrier, Hornet CV 8 , was nearing completion and would soon begin operating its own air group in early 1942 For the moment, most of the new pilots that made it to fleet duty were assigned to Lexington, Saratoga, Yorktown CV 5 , or Enterprise CV 6.Ensign Robert John Henry Weinzapfel of Lexingtons VS 2.Ensign Weinzapfel was one of twenty one pilot officers assigned to Lexingtons Scouting Squadron Two VS 2 The dark haired, boyish faced twenty four year old from north Texas was a recent graduate of the Navys flight training program Born in the small town of Scotland, he was the oldest of eight children As a youth, Robert and his devout Catholic family had moved a short distance from Windthorst, Texas, east to the rural town of Muenster when his father, Joseph, and business partner, John Meurer, started the Muenster State Bank there in 1923.In school, Robert had excelled in both athletics and academics, and he graduated at the top of his class Following college at St Marys in San Antonio, he had gone to an Army Air Force recruiter to pursue his interest in aviation He expressed some doubts, however, about his own ability to shoot down another plane in combatthus taking someone elses lifeand the Army recruiter turned him down Robert remained unfazed, conferred next with a Navy recruiter, and was accepted right away.Ensign Weinzapfels elimination flight training began in April 1940 in naval trainers, first in San Antonio and soon migrating to Opa Locka, Florida, by July His first solo flight came on August 1, 1940, in an N3N 3 biplane naval trainernicknamed the Yellow Peril by pilots both for its bright color and for the high number of aviation cadets who washed out of flight training In September, Robert had the thrill of flying again back in Texas, including his hometown of Muenster, where he gave short flights to his father and to siblings Joe, Henry, Thomas, and Juanita.During early 1941, Weinzapfel flew the Stearman N2S biplane trainer at Pensacola Naval Air Station NAS He progressed in April to the next training level at NAS Miami, and in May was assigned to Scouting Squadron Three under Lieutenant Commander Robert C Sutliff on board the carrier Saratoga Weinzapfels training progressed on instrument flying, navigation, section tactics, and practice carrier landings During June and July, he often swapped flying and riding rear seat with fellow trainees Horace Proulx, Bob Elder, Charlie Lane, Wesley Osmus, Leonard Thornhill, Corwin Morgan, and Jack Leppla as they became carrier qualified.John Arthur Jack Leppla, a Purdue University graduate from Lima, Ohio, became Weinzapfels best friend and roommate throughout flight training Jack was of Mediterranean ancestry, with dark hair, bushy eyebrows, and a dark complexion Aviation was in the Leppla blood Jacks brother Paul was an Army Air Force mechanic and his other brother, George, was flying Pan American Clipper planes in the Pacific Zone Jack possessed an outgoing personality and competitive nature During flight training at Pensacola, he fell back on his high school football abilities by playing on the NAS team He narrowly escaped death in February 1941 when he and fellow trainee Ensign Robert F Fenleys naval trainers collided at fifteen hundred feet above Bayou Grande near Pensacola Both ensigns jumped from their crippled planes in parachutes but Fenley drowned after splashing down.2Weinzapfel and Leppla were inseparable during the fall of 1941 They had roomed together through flight training in both Pensacola and in Miami When Saratoga moved to San Diego, they became roommates again there Both pilots were reassigned from VS 3 and moved ashore to the North Island NAS at San Diego That summer, Mrs Leppla and Robert Weinzapfels parents paid their sons a visit The young pilots took great pride in showing their parents around the air station and enjoyed a meal together.Dauntless pilot Jack Leppla of Lexingtons Scouting Two, wearing his golden wings naval aviator insignia.Leppla and Weinzapfel were reassigned from Scouting Three into VS 2 at North Island on August 13, 1941 The organization of their new Lexington Air Group was similar to what they had become accustomed to on Sister Sara There was a fighter squadron, VF 2, and a torpedo squadron, VT 2, along with two dive bomber squadrons flying the Douglas SBD All of the Lexington airmen fell under the charge of Lieutenant Commander William Bowen Ault of Enterprise, Oregon To young men like Weinzapfel and Leppla, Bill Ault was a fatherly figure at age forty three A 1922 Naval Academy graduate, Ault had flown in the aviation unit of the cruiser Cincinnati and with Patrol Squadron VP 10 S on the old aircraft tender Wright AV 1 He had also served on the carriers Lexington, Enterprise, and Yorktown, before returning to Lexington in July 1941 to become her senior aviator As the commander of the Lexington Air Group, Bill Ault was known by the moniker CLAG to his pilots.Commander Ault was tall and lean, with an easygoing personality He was not one to direct from the tarmac, however Ault jumped in his cockpit and participated alongside his newer pilots in simulated attacks as his air group became seasoned at NAS North Island The squadrons began receiving the new Douglas SBD Dauntless dive bomber during this training period Each of the Lexington squadrons, Bombing Two and Scouting Two, was designed to operate eighteen SBDs, with a few spare pilots each to fill in for anyone sick or injured.Weinzapfel practiced flying instrument training flights with fellow rookies Roy Hale and Tony Quigley, the young VS 2 pilots alternating between rear seat and pilots cockpits to help each other Scouting Two was under Lieutenant Commander Robert Ellington Dixon, a 1927 academy graduate from the little Georgia town of Richland, south of Atlanta Like Bill Ault, thirty five year old Bob Dixon was quiet but confident in his own abilities Dixons squadron was equally split between regular Naval Academy graduates and newly commissioned ensigns fresh from flight school Six other officers had graduated from Annapolis Edward Allen, Hoyt Mann, John Pappy Hunter, Thomas Bobby Edwards, Roy Hale, and Evan Peter Pete Aurand.Some of the academy boys had no flight time than VS 2s younger ensigns Lieutenant j.g Pete Aurand had earned his golden wings only in February 1941, but it would be his second tour of duty on the carrier Lexington He had served as a junior gunnery officer on the carrier during his mandatory two years of surface duty after graduating from the academy.Born in New York City, Pete was the son of Major General Henry S Aurand, head of the Armys Sixth Service Command An uncle and a cousin had joined the Navy, and Pete also found a calling for sea duty, although his younger brother followed in their fathers footsteps by graduating from West Point Pete racked up various behavior demerits while at Annapolis but graduated in 1938 and eventually became part of Bob Dixons Scouting Two There was a distinction prewar between scouting squadrons and bomber squadrons, even though they had the same airplane, he said later In the scouting squadron, you did air to air gunnery, dive bombing, scouting, and so forth The dive bomber guys concentrated on bombing I decided that the scouting squadron did everything air to air gunnery and the whole bit I asked for and got Scouting Squadron Two If I knew then what I know now, Id probably have asked for a fighter squadron, but it seemed to me that that was the best of all worlds.3Robert Weinzapfel, Jack Leppla, Pete Aurand, and the other new VS 2 pilots soon blended in with the older academy men Dixon drilled his airmen on training and bombing practices until Lexington departed the West Coast on October 14, 1941, for Hawaii Weinzapfel, an accomplished musician, stored his prized violin with some of Lepplas buddies until his carrier could return to California Three days before Lady Lex departed San Diego, Weinzapfel had gone through high altitude dive bombing practice with a head cold As a result, my left ear became sore and became infected, he wrote After I spent a couple of days on the ground doctoring it, the doctor had to lance my eardrum When Lexington steamed into the Hawaiian Islands on October 18, he was a mere sightseer as Leppla and his other buddies launched ahead of the ship for Ford Island.4Roberts disappointment in being grounded was overcome when his automobile arrived in Hawaii the next week He had purchased a Model A Ford in San Diego for the bargain price of forty five dollars, then arranged to have it shipped by a cargo vessel to a PBY aviator buddy stationed in Honolulu who was entitled to a car I bought some paint and had my squadron painter put it on for me with his spray gun, he related Weinzapfel became quite popular among his VS 2 buddies, as he was the only one on Oahu with a vehicle.5 Lexington operated near the Hawaiian Islands during November Weinzapfel was relieved when the flight surgeon returned him to flight status midmonth During his ships stays in port, he purchased an 8mm movie camera and took up sport fishing with a spear gun During the early days of December 1941, war with Japan was the furthest thing from his mind.A fabulous, memorable re creation of how the war was experienced The Battle for Hell s Island will definitely appeal to anyone with an interest in the carrier wars of World War II America in WWII Stephen L Moore offers what will soon be ranked a major military classic among the past half centurys torrent of books on the Pacific War Not only does The Battle for Hells Island highlight new information and examine eyewitness accounts, vignettes and reminiscences hitherto unavailable, the text is a tome of fresh insights and re evaluated interpretations A major, first rate, authoritative contribution to the literature of WWII Leatherneck Moores battle descriptions are gripping An important, illuminating book The Battle for Hells Island brings vital new insights into how America and its Allies advanced from shellshocked defenders to powerful victors in the Pacific War The Dallas Morning News Join the Battle for Net Neutrality 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platform links community featuring class artists photographers, galleries, dealers publishers AASIN JE sic AASEN, SE Norway, May Coos County July took up land Hall creek there ever occupation sailor been seas globe The Battle for Hell's Island: How a Small Band of Carrier Dive-Bombers Helped Save Guadalcanal


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