◧ ✄ The Body Reset Diet: Power Your Metabolism, Blast Fat, and Shed Pounds in Just 15 Days hare ☠ Ebook By Harley Pasternak ♓

◧  ✄ The Body Reset Diet: Power Your Metabolism, Blast Fat, and Shed Pounds in Just 15 Days hare ☠ Ebook By Harley Pasternak ♓ ◧ ✄ The Body Reset Diet: Power Your Metabolism, Blast Fat, and Shed Pounds in Just 15 Days hare ☠ Ebook By Harley Pasternak ♓ IA New Kind of DietCHAPTER 1Why Diets FailMany people tell me, Harley, I ve done every diet you can think of Take my word for it in the long run, none of them work Well, obviously they didn t work, or you wouldn t be reading this book Or maybe they worked for a week or two before your weight boomeranged back to its usual depressing number on the scale, but the end result is the same You think you re doing everything right, and you still can t lose the weight And after a while, you become discouraged and why wouldn t you Why does nothing you ve tried work You ve attempted so many diets that you can no longer open your refrigerator door without feeling a massive headache clamp down There is SO much competing information out there, and so many contradictory recommendations, that it s no wonder we no longer have any idea what we re supposed to eat or how we re supposed to move Eat low carb Eat no carbs Eat ALL carbs Who could possibly make sense of all these competing prescriptions Did you know that than half of Americans, an astonishing 52 percent, think it s easier to do their own income taxes than to figure out how to eat healthier That s right, filing with the IRS has suddenly become preferable to knowing what you should have for lunch.1Let me tell you It s time to stop Enough is enough We are listening to the wrong people telling us to do the wrong things Who are these authorities, anyway A lot of the TV trainers we re letting guide our fitness decisions are straight out of central casting and I mean literally straight out of central casting meaning they have zero credentials in the field of nutrition and have never trained anyone in their lives before their first television appearance.I had the privilege of hosting a talk show called The Revolution, which was one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career The amazing women I met helped me rethink my whole weight loss philosophy Even with 10 years of education and 20 years in my practice, I needed to change my way of thinking That s a lot than I can say about most of the high profile experts who are dictating the health decisions too many people are making.It s my training, and the wide range of people whose bodies and minds I ve helped transform over the past 20 years, from Halle Berry and Jessica Simpson to single mom schoolteachers, that has led me to understand exactly how serious the crisis we re facing is Let me tell you, I know exactly what you re going through, whether you need to lose a ton of weight, or those last stubborn 5 ds, and you have no idea where to begin That s what I m here for Stick with me for the next 15 days and you will see amazing, dramatic results in your energy level, in your health, and most noticeably in your weight.To get there, first we have to wipe the slate clean Press reset Start over Rethink everything you ve ever been told about how to lose weight People are looking to crazier diet solutions than ever, and where is it getting them Right back where they started from maybe even a few ds heavier So before you embark on your next crazy scheme, let me explain why you keep failing, and why you can see far dramatic results from a much simpler and sensible approach.Trust me, I realize what I m up against because I know exactly how much crazy stuff is out there I admit that some of the better known, mainstream programs with point systems and so forth can be effective, but in many cases they take too long for the kind of results people want and deserve , and some are also prohibitively expensive.So people turn to the extreme quick fixes, everything from eating like a caveman to inserting feeding tubes in their arms and living off nothing but liquids in IV form for weeks on end I mean are you serious Losing weight does not have to resemble an all out death wish.The caveman lived on nuts and meats alone, but he also stayed active all day long and oh, yeah he generally died by age 18 In all other ways, our lives are hardly Paleolithic We pop countless pills in the hopes of losing a few ds here and there Weight loss pills are a 2.4 billion industry in the United States, despite a recent study determining that no evidence exists that any single product will result in significant weight loss.2 Even sketchier is that some bodybuilding and weight loss pills have been shown to cause liver damage, among other serious health issues.3Weight loss pills are often unregulated and can be quite dangerous From 1999 to 2008, the U.S Food and Drug Administration FDA received 32 reports of serious liver damage in people taking orlistat, the active ingredient in Alli weight loss pills 27 patients were hospitalized and six cases resulted in liver failure The FDA says it s not completely clear if orlistat caused the liver damage and is not telling people taking Xenical or Alli to stop using the weight loss pills But the agency warns them to be careful to use the medicine as directed.4 It s clear that using weight loss pills can cause serious damage and just aren t worth the risk to your health.What about attempting to cleanse your body of all those toxins that must surely be the sole reason for your bloat Detox cleanses have gotten huge in recent years, propelled by promises of quick results and endorsed by top celebrities But the days upon days of near fasting recommended by these programs can have some seriously nasty side effects, including vitamin deficiencies, muscle breakdown, blood sugar problems, loose stool, and overall weakening of the body s immune system and ability to fight infection and inflammation Excessive cleansing can also lead to the expulsion of good bacteria, which are essential for keeping the intestines healthy and the whole immune system functioning properly.When you re coping with all these issues and I haven t even mentioned the headaches, irritability, fatigue, aches and pains, and dehydration how are you supposed to carry on with the rest of your life, much less get the exercise you need to be healthy And how can you possibly stay on any such extreme plan for than a few agonizing days The answer is You can t, and that s why you re reading this book These quick fixes might help you squeeze back into your favorite jeans by Friday night, but they are wreaking major havoc on your health, and the results DO NOT LAST, for a whole multitude of reasons.Here s where the yo yo ing comes in You lose 15 pounds by surviving barely on grapefruits for a month, but then within hours of putting real food in your poor depleted body again, your weight immediately balloons up 20 ds above your original starting point How else is your poor confused metabolism supposed to react So let s give up all this crazy stuff None of it works It s just crazy.They Require Too Much Time, Effort, or MoneyMany diets, including some of the healthier, moderation based plans, fail because they ask too much of the participants time Whether it s attending meetings during lunch hour, writing down and adding up every single bite of food consumed over the course of the day, or spending an hour of prep time per recipe five times a day, many of these diets make unreasonable demands on our already crammed schedules I just opened up a hot new diet cookbook and the first recipe I saw was for an omelet with 12 ingredients P.S I made it, and it was gross Thanks for nothing, firefighter diet However noble their aims, these diets simply ask too much of us Most of us are already juggling enough responsibilities as it is.Learning how to eat efficiently and move effectively is not rocket science, but we ve complicated everything so much that it s sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees When you don t succeed on a diet, it s not because you re a fundamentally weak person it s because you ve set yourself up to fail with endless impossible restrictions and headache inducing do and don t lists.The other problem with diets tends to be price They just cost too much Getting ready made meals delivered to your door might be convenient, but it sure isn t cheap A recent study examined 10 of the most popular diets and found that their median cost was 85.79 per week, or roughly 58 percent than the average 54.44 most Americans spend weekly on food And some like the Jenny Craig diet, which has an average cost of 137.65 per week are even pricier still.5 One popular detox cleanse costs an eye popping 195 for a 3 day supply of juice That s almost 70 a day a huge financial commitment for some seriously dubious rewards.They Teach the Wrong Lessons About FoodWhether you re eating all juice, all cereal, or all red meat, eventually your palate will rebel against the monotony It s perfectly natural for you to get sick of eating the exact same ingredient over and over again.The restrictive the diet, it seems, the likely the weight loss is temporary According to recent research published in American Psychologist, while people can lose 5 to 10 percent of their weight in the first few months of a diet, up to two thirds of them regain even weight than they lost within 4 or 5 years.6Many diets ignore the fact that eating is one of the great pleasures in life by depriving dieters of a huge range of foods, and no one can possibly stay on such a limiting regimen for so long It doesn t help that most foods on these programs don t taste good When you re living off space food like prepackaged frozen entrees or raw kale salad all day, you re not going to look forward to your meals and why would you You eat this way because you want to lose weight, but after the first few days the very idea of another frozen chicken dish and or bowl of steamed bok choy and watercress makes your stomach turn, and so you stray from your plan for one meal and then another, and before the week is up you re off the program altogether.Other diets demand we hunt down hard to find, exotic ingredients as if, if your local grocery store doesn t happen to carry organic free range venison, quail eggs, or persimmons, your whole eating plan is doomed on Day 1.They Confuse Some Basic Nutritional FactsSome diet programs focus exclusively on the old calories in, calories out rule, the theory being that if you expend calories than you take in, you will lose weight, period, end of story But diets that focus exclusively on calories and not what those calories are made of are completely misguided I cannot emphasize this point enough Not all calories are created equal.Fourteen hundred calories of white bread is NOT the equivalent of fourteen hundred calories of salmon Different foods affect our bodies differently, regardless of caloric content They make you look different and feel different, too.A recent study found that following a low fat diet can slow down your metabolism, which makes weight loss difficult, whereas a high protein diet can increase the body s fat burning capabilities.7 Another found that low fat diets are not the best route to lasting weight loss.8 So losing weight is not a simple matter of caloric arithmetic You also have to consider WHAT you re eating, not just how much of it.And far too often, diets deprive us not only of calories but of the foods we need to live at the top of our game If, for example, you re on a juice fast, you re not getting ANY protein, healthy fats, or fiber and your body needs all of these nutrients to function Because you re depriving your body, you ll probably be hungry, miserable and extremely vulnerable to falling off the wagon We also don t take in enough liquids, and many of us live in a state of semidehydration, which our bodies far too often confuse for hunger, which causes us to eat .They Push Exercise Too MuchNever thought you d hear that from a fitness professional, did you But overexercising can be a real problem First off, no amount of exercise can undo the effects of a bad diet Do you know how many minutes you have to do on an elliptical trainer to offset the caloric burden of a single slice of cheesecake Up to an hour and a half And no studies have shown that exercise in and of itself definitively causes weight loss As Gary Taubes put it in his well argued book Why We Get Fat, very little evidence exists to support the belief that the number of calories we expend i.e., how much we work out has any effect on how fat we are.9I believe it s because our over the top workout habits end up supercharging our appetites, ultimately causing us to consume even calories than we would have if we d stayed home and skipped the gym Taubes once again states the case plainly Increase the energy you expend and the evidence is very good that you will increase the calories you consume to compensate.10 Put in the simplest terms possible The harder you work out, the hungrier you ll be, and the you eat But if you want to lose weight, increasing the number of calories you re taking in is counterproductive at best.I started thinking about this seeming contradiction and in the summer of 2009, when Time published a cover story called Why Exercise Won t Make You Thin.11 The gist was hey, it s great that you go to the gym, but if you leave the gym famished and hit the all you can eat buffet on your way home, you re still going to gain weight, simple as that.But was it Why have so many popular fitness programs failed to get this message Turn on your TV and look at all the current exercise infomercials out there ever tried working out with that drill sergeant shouting orders at you to do nearly impossible types of exercise at nearly impossible levels of intensity with no regard for possibility of injury Many of these programs are way too difficult, way too intense, and there s just no method to the madness I myself am in great shape and can t do most of these exercises Why is there a program based on chinups when only a tiny percentage of the population can actually do these incredibly advanced exercisesI live for Harley s smoothies They are so easy to make, help me feel full,and taste incredible Kim Kardashian The Reset Challenges Your Body with Terry RESET YOUR BODY Why should you take a challenge to reset your body It can change life Here s how Simple daily changes that will make all the difference Diet Power Metabolism, Blast Fat, and Harley Pasternak , MSc is renowned fitness nutrition expert bestselling author of The Diet, Factor World FitnessHe appears regularly on ABC Good Morning America has appeared View, Oprah Winfrey Show, Today Access Hollywood, Extra Entertainment Tonight, Rachel Ray Body Rapid Weight Loss in Days Freedieting was created by celebrity personal trainer, His list clients includes many A celebrities such as Halle Berry, who he helped prepare for her role Catwoman Dr Dean Total ReSet Health RnA ReSet Remember 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three components needed long term mindset, meals, movement You How stop sabotaging reframing negative talk setting realistic Everything Need Know doesn t strip nutrients, but it does solid food, which considered characteristic detox or cleanse, according National Recipes US News Best Diets day diet, separated five phases during first, only drink smoothies meals white breakfast, red lunch Goodreads Mar seems we ve lost our way when comes exercise Now, offers proven Clinic Clinic private practice specialising professional injury treatment, sports massage, rehabilitation We also offer comprehensive range complementary therapies support physical therapies, be used medical therapy Detox Plan Detoxify cleanse involves cutting out junk increasing intake nutritious whole few powerful Nutrition Expert Celebrity Pasternak Los Angeles TV personality Bestselling Author, expert, gym facility designer, motivational speaker Contact Fit, Strong Sexy Fit, specifically designed get Super FAT BURNING Mode, lose weight, tone up metabolism completely detoxify, recharge, energy, body, confidence at Home Facebook So THANK YOU clinic particular Freddie I went back post race massage again definitely going Fantastic service Matt Hinrichs Medium ago, decided try something heretofore never attempted my years Prior this, had much use Harley harleypasternak Instagram Wikipedia Twitter This Minute Workout Helps Celebrities Fit Fitbit Blog nutritionist holds master science degree Exercise Physiology Nutritional Sciences University Toronto, honors Kinesiology Western Ontario Mac Miller supposed train expecting Mac walk his studio died mid session someone else him show min later, Instagram amazing Likes, Comments time client ladygaga superbowl today Checkout pregame warm Follow Verywell Fit developed Myatt Murphy According authors, plan shape Fitness Blunders Common Form Mistakes Fixed Review What Eat More won go hungry Creator says lifestyle plan, Each part revolves around number The Body Reset Diet: Power Your Metabolism, Blast Fat, and Shed Pounds in Just 15 Days


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