ඊ download Format Kindle ┸ The Hidden Cause of Acne: How Toxic Water Is Affecting Your Health and What You Can Do about It (English Edition) Ꮧ By Melissa Gallico ᧕

ඊ download  Format Kindle ┸ The Hidden Cause of Acne: How Toxic Water Is Affecting Your Health and What You Can Do about It (English Edition)  Ꮧ By Melissa Gallico ᧕ ඊ download Format Kindle ┸ The Hidden Cause of Acne: How Toxic Water Is Affecting Your Health and What You Can Do about It (English Edition) Ꮧ By Melissa Gallico ᧕ Chapter 4 Stopping Breakouts before They Start It can be disconcerting to learn the cystic welts on your face are caused by the fluoride added to common tap water The everyday world takes on new shades of danger You start to wonder about the free glass of ice water at a restaurant Maybe you notice an unsettling feeling as you sink into a warm bath Preventing acne should be as effortless for you as it is for a native Kitavan Islander who inhabits the Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea in the Southwest Pacific The longterm solution is to end artificial water fluoridation and demand responsible use of fluoride based pesticides see Appendix The Plan But you dont have time right now to rewrite bureaucratic decrees You need to start healing your acne today Artificial water fluoridation will end and I predict it will be our generation that makes it happen but you dont have to wait until then before you can live acne free Once you understand where fluoride comes from and how it makes its way into the industrialized food supply, you will know how to choose foods and drinks that are naturally low in fluoride More importantly, understanding those reasons elucidates how to choose options that will not contribute to future breakouts Fluoridated water is just the beginning, unfortunately Soft drinks, juice, iced tea, coffee, and other beverages can all be made with fluoridated water, and if so they will contain fluoride in equal amounts or higher to the water with which they were produced Researchers at the University of Iowa measured fluoride concentrations of 332 soft drinks and found over 70 percent contained fluoride at levels exceeding 0.6 ppm Heilman et al 1999 Researchers in New Zealand examined 532 juices and juice drinks and found fluoride levels ranging from.02 to 2.8 ppm Kiritsy et al 1996 The researchers in both studies accounted for the wide range of fluoride in large part because of variations in the amount of fluoride of the water used in production Whereas beer is made from brewing certain grains in water, wine is made from crushing grapes Theres no water added The reason wine can contain significant amounts of fluoride is because of the Western Grapeleaf Skeletonizer A caterpillar.6 inches in length with conspicuous tufts of long black poisonous spines, they feed on the undersides of grape leaves before transforming into luminescent blue winged fairies or moths The Omnivorous Leafroller, a bell shaped character with a gray bat like snout and brown ombre wings, is also to blame To limit crop damage from Western Grapeleaf Skeletonizers and Omnivorous Leafrollers, some grape growers use a pesticide called cryolite which acts as a deadly poison in their grapeleaf greedy bellies Cryolite was already featured in the official version of the story of fluoridation outlined in chapter two, the young dentists interest in fluoride was sparked when he realized it was the cause of the townspeoples brown teeth, a condition known as Colorado Brown Stain In Colorado Springs, where he settled, the community watershed was high in fluoride because it contained deposits of cryolite from the rock formations of Pikes Peak This is the same mineral, sodium hexafluoroaluminate, that is crushed and sold to grape growers under the trade name Kryocide, although now it is widely produced synthetically by combining sodium, fluoride, and aluminum The Western Grapeleaf Skeletonizers and Omnivorous Leafrollers do not only feed on grapes used to produce wine, but also on grapes used to produce juice, which means the problem of fluoride laden insecticide extends to grape juice made from the San Joaquin Valley region, as well In a study of 43 ready to drink fruit juices, researchers from Tufts University measured the highest amount of fluoride in grape juice from the baby food company Gerber at 6.8 ppm, well above the EPAs already inflated maximum contaminant level for fluoridated water of 4 ppm Standard et al 1991 Even fruit juices and other fruit drinks that dont have the word grape in their name often contain blends of grape juice with significant amounts of fluoride If juice is made with fluoridated water it can still contain fluoride even if it is labeled as organic Grains on their own dont contain significant amounts of fluoride, but extruded breakfast cereals like puffed rice, flaked corn, and shredded wheat often do The reason is because they are processed with the same type of technique used in the manufacturing of milk solids In the production of most commercial breakfast cereals, grains usually rice, oats, corn, or wheat are mixed with water, processed into a slurry, and then placed in a machine called an extruder where they are forced through a small hole at a high temperature and pressure, shaping them into lucky stars or whatever shape the mascot on the box dictates When the water from the slurry evaporates, any fluoride it contained is left concentrated in the cereal One study of cereals processed in fluoridated versus non fluoridated regions found significant differences in their fluoride content, with cereals processed in fluoridated water ranging from 3.8 to 6.3 ppm Warren and Levy 2003 Virtually all boxed breakfast cereals are manufactured with this extrusion process, even organic ones found in the health food store Since the fluoride in water is not a pesticide, it does not count for organic labelling purposes References Heilman, Judy R., Mary C Kiritsy, Steven M Levy, and James S Weelph 1999 Assessing Fluoride Levels of Carbonated Soft Drinks Journal of the American Dental Association 130 11 1593 1599 Kiritsy, Mary C., Steven M Levy, John J Warren, Nupurguha Chowdhurym, Judy R Heilman, and Teresa Marshall 1996 Assessing Fluoride Concentrations of Juices and Juice flavored Drinks Journal of the American Dental Association 127 7 895 902 Stannard, Jan G., Youn Soo Shim, Maria Kritsineli, Panagiota Labropoulou, and Anthi Tsamtsouris 1991 Fluoride Levels and Fluoride Contamination of Fruit Juices The Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry 16 1 38 40 Warren, John J., and Steven M Levy 2003 Current and Future Role of Fluoride in Nutrition Dental Clinics of North America 42 225 243.This intriguing personal account of one womans experience with acne is a detailed case report that could have been published in the peer reviewed literature Using scientific deduction, careful observations, and self experimentation a process used by Nobel Laureates such as Barry Marshall, Werner Forssmann, and Ralph Steinman Melissa Gallico figured out that the cause of her chronic acne was the fluoride added to her drinking water The fact that other people who read her book also report that their acne cleared up when they switched to fluoride free beverages and foods suggests this is an area that deserves rigorous clinical investigation Hardy Limeback, D.D.S., Ph.D., head of preventive dentistry at the University of Toronto ret This is an astounding piece of work and a must read for people wanting the true story about how and why and to what terrible effect the addition of fluoride to drinking water is having As Gallicos riveting personal story attests, public water fluoridation is, in essence, a hazardous waste management tool that is damaging our health in ways we have yet to fully comprehend Her deep research into this area and the clear, arresting manner in which she presents it is a valuable, even crucial, contribution to ending the antiquated and dangerous practice of adding fluoride to public drinking water Bill Hirzy, Ph.D., senior scientist at the EPA ret Melissa Gallico has authored an engaging book, one that is enjoyable to read despite the seriousness of the subject matter As she notes, it doesnt take a degree in medicine or dentistry or science to appreciate the importance of personal observations in matters of personal health, or to understand the potential consequences of one size fits all medication of the public through the drinking water supply Fluoride sensitivity including dermatological, endocrinological, gastrointestinal, and other effects has been in the medical literature for decades, unrefuted, and deserves the wider awareness that Gallicos work will bring Kathleen M Thiessen, Ph.D., senior scientist at Oak Ridge Center for Risk Analysis A Hidden Cause of Children s Eating Difficulties Real Ever since I started my instagram account, ve had many conversations with moms about eating challenges Food aversions, food obsessions, weird habits, you chokingonfood cst eatingproblems Airbag Deployment Can Cardiac Injuries Despite their lifesaving properties, even new generation airbags can cause cardiac and pulmonary injuries, especially if the driver or passenger is not wearing a seatbelt, review article warns SUMMARY Of The Plant Paradox Dangers in In Healthy Foods That Disease And Weight Gain Book Summary OneHourReads book , Dr Steven Gundry sets out to demystify long held myths plant based foodsThese foods, believed for most part, be healthy, have been The Kindle edition by R Download it once read on your device, PC, phones tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking highlighting while reading Not So Behind ADHD Epidemic Oct No Child Left Act, signed into law President George W Bush, was first federal effort link school financing standardized test performance Teratology Wikipedia Teratology study abnormalities physiological developmentIt often thought as human congenital abnormalities, but broader than that, account other non birth developmental stages, including puberty organisms, plantsThe related term toxicity includes all manifestations abnormal development that are 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