ि Free Read Format Kindle [ The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis (English Edition) ] ॱ Kindle Ebook By Julie Holland M.D. থ

ि Free Read  Format Kindle [ The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis (English Edition) ] ॱ Kindle Ebook By Julie Holland M.D. থ ि Free Read Format Kindle [ The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis (English Edition) ] ॱ Kindle Ebook By Julie Holland M.D. থ Chapter 32 Co Evolution with Cannabis An Interview with Michael Pollan Michael Pollan is the author of In Defense of Food An Eaters Manifesto, winner of the James Beard Award, and The Omnivores Dilemma A Natural History of Four Meals 2006 , which was named one of the ten best books of the year by both the New York Times and the Washington Post A contributing writer to the New York Times Magazine, Pollan is the recipient of numerous journalistic awards, including the James Beard Award for best magazine series in 2003 and the Reuters I.U.C.N 2000 Global Award for Environmental Journalism Newsweek named Pollan one of the top ten new thought leaders of the decade Julie Holland The idea that we co evolved with cannabis for 10,000 years is fascinating Youve written about cannabis helping you forget, as sort of a helpful strategy or adaptation, and theres a line in Botany of Desire about forgetting as a prerequisite to human happiness and mental health Michael Pollan We understand the evolutionary utility of memory, but we dont often think about the utility of forgetting Its almost as important to be able to forget as it is to remember Forgetting, in this case, is not just a fading of a memory, but an active process for editing, because we take in far information than it would be useful to retain Theres just so much detail in our visual field not to mention the other senses at any given moment that a lot of what our brain is doing is separating out and figuring out what is worth remembering, what can be shucked, and what should just be remembered for a little while and then let go of JH Theres no doubt that short term, working memory is temporarily diminished when somebody gets high But what I think is enjoyable to people is this idea of dehabituation, that theyre seeing things with a fresh eye Memory is the enemy of wonder When people get high, everything is new and intense because of this forgetting, because its dehabituated MP Its a childlike way of looking at the world Wordsworths child He sees everything for the first time, and of course, to see things for the first time you have to have forgotten that youve seen them before So forgetting is very important to the experience of awe or wonder JH That sort of perception provides breaks in your mental habits, the power to alter mental constructs and offers new ways of looking at things, so drugs can then function as, you use the phrase, cultural mutagens MP What Im speaking of there is, looking at the whole history of drugs and culture, whether youre talking about music, or art, or writing, theres this very rich tradition of artists who have availed themselves of various drugs and have attributed great insight or creativity to their experience with those drugs And one of the mechanisms that might explain this is that its shifting of ordinary perception, allowing you to see things from a new perspective and that is kind of mutagenic JH Yes, I agree Interesting I feel like our culture is so separated from nature now, that its a big part of our problem People everywhere seem to be reaching out, wanting meaning and searching for spirituality, though half the time we settle for materialism or consumerism What do you think that we can do to reconnect with nature Do you see plant based medicines having an effect on that MP I think they do We have this inbred idea of nature and culture and mind and body standing on opposite sides of the big divide One of the things thats really striking to me about all plant mood changing substances is that they refute this idea If things out in the natural world could change the content of your thoughts, what would it mean that you have viewed matter on one hand and this thing called spirit on the other It really suggests that the categories are messier and intertwined than wed like to think Theres a whole tradition in the West of suppressing plant based drugs of one kind or another, and also plant based knowledge Thats what the story of the Garden of Eden is all about Its not the content of the knowledge that Eve got in the garden it was the fact that she got any knowledge from a plant What was a big part of earlier religions, which often had a drug component to them, was that there was wisdom in nature, and that was the way it came to you That was a very threatening idea to monotheism, which wanted to have this one God up in the sky, and wanted to take our eyes off nature as a place where we might find wisdom and comfort The whole Judeo Christian tradition has a history of a strong anti nature component to it Nature is to be subdued, nature is what we are different from we distinguish ourselves from animals Its always about inserting that distance between us and the other animals, us and the trees, because people were worshipping trees before So, to the extent that you wanted to erect this new kind of God, you had to reject nature and natural experiences of all different kinds So I do think there is the potential to return to this appreciation of the fact that our consciousnesses can be affected by the plant world, not to mention the fungal world JH I love the idea of a garden being a place of sacraments In Botany of Desire you wrote, Letting nature have her way with us now and again brings our upward gaze back down to earth This idea of nature as teacher and as healer a plant as medicine is so basic to our culture, but weve gotten away from that to a large extent MP Indeed And its been our great loss.I found The Pot Book extremely educational with many aha s I commend Holland for putting together this extremely important book Irene Watson, Reader Views, October 2010 The Pot Book is perhaps the most exhaustive compendium to date regarding marijuana and the science, politics, and culture surrounding it Everyone needs to know the facts about cannabis, and just about everything one needs to know can be found within these pages Mason Tvert, SAFERChoice.org, September 2010 an essential new compendium of sensible thinking about marijuana Arthur Magazine, November 2010 Truly, The Pot Book is a testament to how much information is available about pot today Even for someone like myself, who sometimes might be deluded into thinking there is nothing to learn about weed, I was sometimes surprised by a fresh nugget of wisdom, a previously unknown factoid or a new perspective Overall, I give The Pot book a big thumbs up, for being incredibly comprehensive and easy to read at the same time Reverend Damuzi, Cannabis Culture Magazine, December 2010 The latest scientific and social research comes from experts who debunk popular myths and offer a survey embracing the latest who debunk popular myths and offer a survey embracing the latest research across disciplines perfect for general or college level holdings The Midwest Book Review, December 2010 Candid, timely and comprehensive, The Pot Book offers the necessary facts and authoritative opinions and is endorsed out the wazoo Sir Read A Lot Reviews, December 2010 The nuance of the human cannabis relationship, so subtle, is reflected in the political landscape full of contradictions, half laws and half truths The Pot Book is an exposition of this complexity and as a collection it manages to shine through the mess and give cannabis a voice once The Psychedelic Press, UK, December 2010 Whatever your feelings about marijuana are, it is clear that times are changing and we need the best objective information possible This book deals with the history of pot and all the safeguards one should know when using it, but its loaded, no pun intended, with interviews with many experts in many fields I also found it useful to clear up the many myths around marijuana use Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide, January 2011 Editor Holland has done an incredible job of thoroughly covering the subject from all perspectives The resource list and bibliography alone are worth the price of the book I highly recommend this one for customers interested in scientific research into the effects of the drug, its medical uses, its history, law enforcement issues, economic implications of legalizing the drug, and real information to help parents steer their children through the world of recreation drug use Anna Jedrziewski, New Age Retailer, January 2011 Dr Julie Holland has assembled a virtual dream team of cannabis experts for this marijuana magnum opus Steve Bloom, publisher of CelebStoner.com, coauthor of Pot Culture and Reefer Movie Madness, and for The Pot Book A Complete Guide to Cannabis ENTHEOGENS POPULAR CULTURE With marijuana legislation making headlines almost daily, s timing is impeccableIt takes a candid look at all things cannabis from angles history, scientific research, 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