࢝ reading ❇ The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace: A Brilliant Young Man Who Left Newark for the Ivy League online ⡷ Book By Jeff Hobbs ⢻

࢝ reading  ❇ The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace: A Brilliant Young Man Who Left Newark for the Ivy League online ⡷ Book By Jeff Hobbs ⢻ ࢝ reading ❇ The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace: A Brilliant Young Man Who Left Newark for the Ivy League online ⡷ Book By Jeff Hobbs ⢻ An Best Book of the Month, September 2014 To read The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace, a meticulous and heartfelt account of a brilliant black student from the poverty stricken streets of Newark, is to see the best of the American dream lived and ultimately, tragically, lost Peaces mother endured great sacrifices to ensure that her gifted son would meet his full potential His father, until his arrest for murder when Rob was seven, dedicated himself to helping his son learn and mature Rob was a popular, straight A student who played on the water polo team his mother scraped up enough money to send him to parochial school , and upon graduating he was rewarded with a scholarship to Yale Although he continued to thrive academically in college, growing up in the second largest concentration of African Americans living under the poverty line created barriers that even one as gifted as Robert Peace could not fully surmount This is a riveting and heartbreaking read, as Rob Peace seems always to have been on the outsidethe resented geek in the hood, and the inner city black man in the Ivy League Chris SchluepGuest Review of The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace by Michelle Alexander This is a book you will not forget It will stay with you, haunt you Strangely, it may even inspire you You may not realize how good it is until days or weeks after youve finished it The truth may dawn on you when you notice that you keep talking about the book with friends or family or the person sitting next to you on the bus Perhaps youll begin to think that the book was than good truly great when you find yourself thinking about Robert Peace as youre drifting off to sleep and then find that hes still on your mind in the morning This book was born from grief, but it pulses with the life of an unforgettable young man The story is deftly told by Robert Peaces white college roommate and good friend, Jeff Hobbs, someone who knew Robert well, but didnt Written with great compassion yet unflinching honesty, the book invites you to contemplate the meaning of one mans lifea life that couldve turned out so differently The question that will tease and torment you, but can never, ever be answered, will linger Why Why would an astonishingly brilliant young black man who worked so tirelessly as a teen, overcoming incredible odds to get out of the hood, out of crushing poverty, and off to Yale, and who excelled once he was there academically as well as socially why would he forfeit all of the opportunity that was now waiting for him, the shining path that lay ahead beckoning him Why would Robert Peace toss it all away so that he could return to his hood, deal drugs, and try to make it on a path that was so obviously doomed Why My husband read the book because I could not stop talking about it We disagree completely on why Robert Peace chose to be drug dealer rather than a genius scientist who cures cancer or wins a Nobel Prizepossibilities that do not seem entirely fanciful given his academic prowess and his passion for science My husband views Robert as a tragic Greek fig ure, someone who was on the brink of greatness but whose personal flaws and weaknesses ultimately got the best of him Some of the people who knew Robert best apparently have a similar view they think that he couldnt shake his dream of being the Man, making it big without the hard work and discipline that is required of a traditional path None of those views sit right with me Robert Peace was about as hard working and disciplined as they come And he showed no great interest in wealth or bling He sold marijuana for pragmatic reasonsto make money to pay for school, support his mother, buy stuff he thought he needed, save for the future, and fund legitimate business ventures I cannot pretend to know why Robert Peace chose the path he did, and it is entirely possible that he, himself, would not have been able to answer the why question even if he had been asked moments before he was killed But I suspect the why had to do with his virtues than his vices Yet Robert did not want to leave anyone behind Above all things, he was loyal He was loyal to his father who was serving time in prison for murder He was loyal to his family, to his friends, to his neighborhood He did not want to go on ahead He wanted to make it with them, and be one of them If he was going to make it big, he wanted it to make it with the people he loved But we, as a society, will not allow for that Only a chosen few are allowed to escape from the hood, and when they have their chance to make a break for it, theyre supposed to do it alone Theyre supposed to run away from their old neighborhood, away from their old friends, and become someone newsomeone who likes socializing with other Ivy Leaguers and chatting about vacation destinations, private schools, and career paths But that wasnt Robert Robert preferred to eat with the cafeteria workers rather than with his classmates at Yale He felt he belonged to them He didnt respect or admire the over privileged, spoiled kids at Yale he resented them He did not want to become them He was open hearted and able to make friends with anyone and he did make many friends at Yale but who he really loved, who he really cared about, could be found in his old neighborhood He knew who he was when he came home everything else was foreign, everywhere else he was fronting If there was some path to great success that couldve included his old friends and his old world one that did not require him to abandon his core identity and all that mattered most I believe Robert would be alive today I cannot prove this And I will confess that my views are influenced by the young people that I have mentored over the years, young folks that Ive tried to persuade to leave the hood but wouldnt or couldnt I remember once talking with other mentors about how frustrated we were that so many kids kept returning to the block or kept running with the same crowd when opportunity existed elsewhere But now I see that the impulse to return and to leave no one behind not childhood friends, not aunts or cousins or un cles may reflect virtue than vice It might be love That is not to say that Robert did not have major flaws We all do But something than character flaws killed him This is a beautifully simple book It does not preach it offers no answers But it raises many questions I believe we should be asking ourselves, including why we afford only a tiny number of young people in certain communities defined by race and class an opportunity to live their dreams, and require, as the price for their ticket, leaving behind the very people and places and identities that have given their lives meaning Roberts friend Oswaldo lost his mindliterallyas he struggled to make the transition from his segregated, ghettoized community to the halls of Yale This story ends with Oswaldo surviving his institutionalization in a mental ward and going on to be a success, while Robert is shot and killed in a house with his best friends, all of whom were scheming and dreaming of making it together somehow Read this extraordinary book and decide for yourself who or what killed Robert Peace I am fairly certain that of us are to blame than Robert and the man who pulled the trigger Many institutions that provide bridges to realization of The American Dream conflate the aspirants yearning to participate fully with a desire to leave everything behind The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace reveals the devastating consequences of this assumption There are few road maps for students who carry our much valued diversity, and few tools for those who remain ignorant of the diverse riches in their midst Jeff Hobbs has made an important contribution to the literature for all of us He shows what high quality journalism can aspire to in its own yearning for justicethe urgency of taking a full and accurate account of irreplaceable loss, so we dont keep making the same mistakes over and over again Adrian Nicole LeBlanc, author of Random Family Mesmeric Hobbs asks the consummate American question Is it possible to reinvent yourself, to sculpture your own destiny That one man can contain such contradictions makes for an astonishing,tragic story In Hobbss hands, though, it becomes something an interrogation of our national creed of self invention The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace deserves a turn in the nations pulpit from which it can beg us to see the third world America in our midst The New York Times Book Review A haunting work of nonfiction Mr Hobbs writes in a forthright but not florid way about a heartbreaking story The New York Times I can hardly think of a book that feels necessary, relevant, and urgent Grantland The Short Tragic Life of Robert Peace is a book that is as much about class as it is race Peace traveled across Americas widening social divide, and Hobbs book is an honest, insightful and empathetic account of his sometimes painful, always strange journey The Los Angeles Times Devastating It is a testament to Hobbss talents that Peaces murder still shocks and stings even though we are clued into his fate from the outset.a first rate book Hobbs has a tremendous ability to empathize with all of his characters without romanticizing any of them Boston Globe It is hard to imagine a writer with no personal connection to Peace being able to generate as much emotional traction in this narrative as Hobbs does, to care as much about portraying fully the depth and intricacy of Peaces life, his friends and the context of it all it is an enormous writing feat. fresh, compelling The Washington Post An intimate biography Hobbs uses Peace s journey as an opportunity to discuss race and class, but he doesnt let such issues crowd out a sense of his friends individualityBy the end, the reader, like the author, desperately wishes that Peace could have had time The New Yorker Heartbreaking O Magazine Captivating a smart meditation on the false promise of social mobility Bloomsberg BusinessWeek Nuanced and shattering People magazine, Best Books of Fall The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace is a powerful book meant to haunt us with the question that plagued everyone who knew Peace Hobbs has the courage not to counterfeit an answer leaving us with the haunting question Why The New York Daily News The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace tackles some important topics the swamp of poverty the tantalizing hope of education the question of whether anyone can truly invent a life or whether fate is, in fact, dictated by birth Its account of worlds colliding will leave nagging questions for many readers which might be all to the good The Seattle Times A haunting American tragedy for our times Entertainment Weekly Can a man transcend the circumstances into which hes born Can he embody two wildly divergent souls To what degree are all of us, or less, slaves to our environments Few lives put such questions into starker relief than that of one Robert DeShaun Peace As Hobbs reveals in tremendously moving and painstaking detail, Peace may have never had a chance San Francisco Chronicle Mr Hobbs chronicles Peaces brief 30 years on earth with descriptive detail and penetrating prose He paints a picture of a young man who was complex, like most of us, and depicted both his faults and admirable qualities equally It is up to the reader to decide if Peace was an Ivy League grad caught up in a life of crime or just a victim of circumstances Mr Hobbs empathetic narrative gives readers an opportunity to view his life beyond a stereotype Pittsburgh Post Gazette With novelistic detail and deep insight, Hobbs registers the disadvantages his friend faced while avoiding hackneyed fatalism and sociology reveals a man whose singular experience and charisma made him simultaneously an outsider and a leader in both New Hampshire and Newark This is a classic tragedy of a man who, with the best intentions, chooses an ineluctable path to disaster Publishers Weekly, STARRED review Ambitious, movingHobbs combines memoir, sociological analysis and urban narrative elements, producing a perceptive page turner An urgent report on the state of American aspirations and a haunting dispatch from forsaken streets Kirkus, STARRED review Peace navigated the clashing cultures of urban poverty and Ivy League privilege, never quite finding a place where his particular brand of nerdiness and cool could coexist Hobbs set out to offer a full picture of a very complicated individual Writing with the intimacy of a close friend, Hobbs slowly reveals Peace as far than a clich of amazing potential squandered Booklist, STARRED review One part biography and one part study of poverty in the United States, Hobbs s account of his friend s life and death highlights how our pasts shape us, and how our eternal search for a place of safety and belonging can prove to be dangerous Peace s life was indeed short and tragic, but Hobbs aims to guarantee that it will not go unmarked Shelf Awareness, STARRED review If The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace were a novel, it would be a moral fable for our times as nonfiction, it is one of the saddest and most devastating books Ive ever read, a tour de force of compassion and insight, an exquisite elegy for a person, for a time of life, for a valid hope that nonetheless failed It is also a profound reflection on a society that professes to value social mobility, but that often does not or cannot imbue privilege with justice It is written with clarity, precision, and tenderness, without judgment, with immense kindness, and with a quiet poetry Few books transform us, but this one has changed me forever Andrew Solomon, author of Far From the Tree and Noonday Demon Jeff Hobbs has written a mesmerizingly beautiful book, a mournful, yet joyous celebration of his friend Robert Peace, this full throated, loving, complicated man whose journey feels simultaneously heroic and tragic This book is an absolute triumphof empathy and of storytelling Hobbs has accomplished something extraordinary hes made me feel like Peace was a part of my life, as well Trust me on this, Peace is someone you need to get to know Hell leave you smiling His story will leave you shaken Alex Kotlowitz, author of There Are No Children Here The Story of Two Boys Growing Up in the Other America A poignant and powerful cant put it down book about friendship and loss The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace takes you on a nail biting, heartbreaking journey that will leave you moved, shaken, and ultimately changed In this spectacularly written first work of non fiction, Jeff Hobbs creates a singular and searing portrait of an unforgettable life Jennifer Gonnerman, author of Life on the Outside The Prison Odyssey of Elaine Bartlett The resulting portrait of Peace is nuance, contradictory, elusive, and probing At its core, the story compels readers to question how much one can really know about another person VERDICT An intelligent, provocative book, recommended for any biography lover Library Journal short Dizionario inglese italiano WordReference short Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, discussioni forum SMS Wikipedia SMS message service is a text messaging component of most telephone, internet, and mobile device systems It uses standardized communication protocols to enable devices exchange messages An intermediary can facilitate voice conversion be sent landlines was the widely used data application, with an estimated billion The Big Short Inside Doomsday Machine Michael Lewis The on FREE shipping qualifying offers New York Times bestseller work our greatest financial journalist Online Books, 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    • The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace: A Brilliant Young Man Who Left Newark for the Ivy League
    • 3.1
    • 244
    • Hardcover
    • 417 pages
    • Jeff Hobbs
    • English
    • 06 August 2017

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