࡙ Best The Sober Truth: Debunking the Bad Science Behind 12-Step Programs and the Rehab Industry to read 巴 ePUB Author Zachary Dodes ᔚ

࡙ Best The Sober Truth: Debunking the Bad Science Behind 12-Step Programs and the Rehab Industry to read 巴 ePUB Author Zachary Dodes ᔚ ࡙ Best The Sober Truth: Debunking the Bad Science Behind 12-Step Programs and the Rehab Industry to read 巴 ePUB Author Zachary Dodes ᔚ CHAPTER EIGHT THE MYTHS OF AA MYTHS HAVE A WAY of coming to resemble facts through repetition alone.This is as true in science and psychology as in politics and history Todayfew areas of public health are riven with unsubstantiatedclaims than the field of addiction Alcoholics Anonymous has been instrumental in the widespreadadoption of many such myths The organizations Twelve Steps, its expressions,and unique lexicon have found their way into the public discoursein a way that few other brands could ever match So ingrainedare these ideas, in fact, that many Americans would be hard pressed toidentify which came from AA and which from scientific investigation.The unfortunate part of this cultural penetration is that many addictionmyths are harmful or even destructive, perpetuating false ideasabout who addicts are, what addiction is, and what is needed to quit forgood In this chapter, Id like to take a look at a few of these myths andexamine some of the ways they impair efforts at adopting a effectiveapproach.MYTH 1 YOU HAVE TO HIT BOTTOMBEFORE YOU CAN GET WELL This common myth essentially says that an addict needs to reach a pointof absolute loss or despair before he or she can begin to climb back towarda safe and productive life.The most common objection to this myth is simple logic nobodycan possibly know where their bottom is until they identify it in retrospect.One persons lowest point could be a night on the street, while anotherscould be a bad day at work or even a small personal humiliation.Its not unusual for one bottom to make way for another following arelapse Without a clear definition, this is a concept that could be usefulonly in hindsight, if it is useful at all.A bigger problem with this notion is the idea that addiction is insome fundamental way just a matter of stubbornness or stupiditythat is, addicts cannot recover until they are shown the consequencesof their actions in a forceful enough way This is a dressed up versionof the idea that addiction is a conscious choice and that stopping is amatter of recognizing the damage it causes I have said it before, but itbears repeating if consequences alone were enough to make someonestop repeating an addictive behavior, there would be no addicts Oneof the defining agonies of addiction is that people cant stop despitebeing well aware of the devastating consequences That millions ofpeople who have lost their jobs, marriages, and families are still unableto quit should be a clear indication that loss and despair, evenin overwhelming quantities, arent enough to cure addiction Conversely,many addicts stop their behavior at a point where they havenot hit bottom in any sense.There is a moralistic subtext at work here as well The notion thataddicts have to hit bottom suggests that they are too selfish to quit untilthey have paid a steep enough personal price Once again we get an echoof the medieval notion of penance here through suffering comes purity.Addicts no need to experience devastating personal loss than doesanyone else with a problem Yes, it can be useful when a single momenthelps to crystallize that one has a problem, but the fantasy that this momentmust be especially painful is simply nonsensical.Finally, the dogmatic insistence that addicts hit bottom is oftenused to excuse poor treatment Treaters who are unable to help oftenscold addicts by telling them that they just arent ready yet and that theyshould come back once theyve hit bottom and become ready to do thework This is little than a convenient dodge for ineffectual care,and a needless burden to place on the shoulders of addicts.MYTH 2 YOU MUST SURRENDER YOUR WILL TO GET WELLHere we have another pillar of the Oxford Group, AAs theologicalforerunner, which preached salvation through surrender to God In Alcoholics Anonymous, this idea is implied, if not expressly stated, insteps 1 and 3, which respectively recommend admitting powerlessnessand making a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care ofGod as we understood God.The first problem with this idea is its overt religious flavor I havecovered the many ways that addiction is a problem of the mind and notof the spiritual soul Surrendering, in the sense that addiction organizationscommonly understand it, means abdicating power to a presencegreater than oneself to attain guidance Its not surprising that manyaddicts chafe at this notion, not least because it requires a belief systemthat may not jibe with their own.A bigger problem is that surrendering is tantamount to agreeingthat one is incapable of managing ones own life AAs literature ties thisidea once again to a moralistic adage Our whole trouble had been themisuse of will power.1 Surrendering becomes a way to toss out a usefulsense of selfhood or agency precisely when its needed most.And of course the very notion of surrender is problematic whenviewed through the prism of a psychologically sophisticated understandingof addiction As I outlined in chapter 5, the emotion thatprecipitates addiction is helplessness Addicts find certain forms of helplessnessutterly intolerable, and the addiction is an effort to reverse that.Asking them to surrender their free will in response to this problem isdiametrically opposed to what they need to do feel empowered As wesaw in the first person accounts in chapter 6, the dissonance created bythis emphasis on surrender is one of the big reasons so many addictsdont get better in AA From the Hardcover edition.A searing critique of the rehab industry Psychotherapy NetworkerAs always, Dr Dodes offers a humane, science based, global view of addiction The Sober Truth is an essential, bracing critique of the rehab industry and its ideological foundations that we have much to learn from.Gabor Mat M.D., author of In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts Close Encounters With AddictionLike Breaking Addiction and The Heart of Addiction, The Sober Truth makes an important contribution to the field by raising central questions about how treatment and self help programs operate and whether commonly used treatments for addiction are effective Dodes and Dodes thoughtfully and rigorously trace the history of alcohol treatment and the role of such treatment within the rehab setting Perhaps most importantly, The Sober Truth examines the failure of science to provide answers to fundamental questions about addiction treatment People struggling with addiction deserve than science has provided, and The Sober Truth should stimulate a fundamental dialogue that can move the field forward Finally, and not to be missed, this book also serves as a treatment guide for anyone seeking help with their own or a loved ones alcohol use.Howard J Shaffer, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School Director, Division on Addiction, The Cambridge Health AllianceLance Dodes and Zachary Dodes have the guts to take on clearly, perceptively, and with solid scientific grounding the nude king of American addiction treatment AA and the 12 steps Not only do these shibboleths yield no benefit for the mass of alcoholics and addicts in America, they leave coldeven harmfar people than they help Read this book Stanton Peele, Ph.D., author of Recover Provocative, illuminating, persuasive, and lucid, The Sober Truthwill enrage some, reassure others, but inform all The Dodes s write beautifully so rare in this field , and they also hold fast to common sense also rare while backing up their contrarian statements with utterly convincing evidence Read this book before committing to any 12 step course of treatment, then decide for yourself.Edward Hallowell, M.D., author of Answers to Distraction and Superparenting for ADD From the Hardcover edition. The Sober Truth Book Website Welcome to the online home for bestselling new book, The Truth, an expos of Alcoholics Anonymous, step programs, and rehab industry how a failed addiction treatment model came dominate America AA has become so infused in our society that it is practically synonymous with recovery Debunking Bad Science Behind Step Programs Rehab Industry Lance Dodes, Zachary Dodes on FREE shipping qualifying offers An CBS News A woman turns help battling her family says she was exposed killer by Beacon Press Premise Anonymous , twelve program alcoholics, only effective overcoming about % or time Beacon Truth In acclaimed specialist Dr exposes deeply flawed science used support its programs analyzes dozens studies reveal startling pattern errors, misjudgments, biases Review Agnostica By Boston Press, John M Watch Full Episode Nightwatch Nation AE Austin, Luddy Finch practice parking lot medicine when they respond heroin overdose year old patient Niki Nicole show their compassionate side young suffering from emotional trauma Baton Rouge After final call night, Yonkers medic Alex reveals Boondox YouTube Jun Our desktop experience built be your music destination Listen official albums sober truth Home Substance Abuse Treatment Program day faith based out helping people find road Joyce Mahoney, PhD started nonprofit fund address epidemic drug alcohol problem Carroll County, MD Author Interview Author Of Mar NPR Shop approach made popular doesn t work most people, according psychiatrist fact, he says, steps can actually harmful majority addicts builds powerful response monopoly explodes myth these offer acceptable universal solution personal Hours Season woman, alcoholic, thought found safe place what correspondent Maureen Maher investigate reports Read News Logo May pages Credit Alessandra Montalto Behind Nightwatch sobering pastThe freelance writer Southern California He earned BA Yale University MFA Similar authors follow Follow Similar See recommendations Something went wrong Please try request again later OK get release updates improved Customers Also Zachary IMDb Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track Watchlist rate favorite movies TV shows phone tablet IMDb Mobile site records Whitepages View numbers, addresses, public records, background check possible arrest Whitepages search have guts take clearly, perceptively, solid scientific grounding nude king American Not do shibboleths yield no benefit mass alcoholics America, leave cold even harm far than this recently published book one would hope refreshing insight might revealed given advances research over past few years checking some tenuous claims NPR sees big spent studying treating His latest subject Debunking myths Apr myths From One at hitting bottom, two critics argue group bad logic AA Culture Have Shockingly Low Success Twelve Steps come another drubbing Photo PressDr DodesCriticism nothing new, but every now then widely accepted Product Detail PESI zachary dodes Books UUA independent publisher serious non fictionBeacon s books often change way readers think fundamental issues They promote such values as freedom speech thought, diversity, religious pluralism, anti racism, respect diversity all areas life The Sober Truth: Debunking the Bad Science Behind 12-Step Programs and the Rehab Industry


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