✏ Many ₐ The Spectrum: How to Customize a Way of Eating and Living Just Right for You and Your Family ́ ePUB By Ornish Dean M.d. ᾯ

✏ Many ₐ The Spectrum: How to Customize a Way of Eating and Living Just Right for You and Your Family  ́ ePUB By Ornish Dean M.d. ᾯ ✏ Many ₐ The Spectrum: How to Customize a Way of Eating and Living Just Right for You and Your Family ́ ePUB By Ornish Dean M.d. ᾯ IT WORKS The one thing difficult than following a regimen is not imposing it on others.Marcel ProustI just had a piece of chocolate Dark chocolate Really high fat gourmet dark chocolate It was delicious I have a little chocolate almost every day.Now, you may be wondering if Im cheating on my very own diet Well, no, Im not Im enjoying my very own diet.Im writing this book to help you understand that you have a broad spectrum of choices when it comes to what you eat, how much you exercise, how you manage stress, and how you live Its not all or nothing In the process, I hope to dispel some misconceptions about what I recommend.In short, this book will show you how to personalize a way of eating and living thats just right for you, based on your own needs and preferences It has been scientifically proven to help you feel better, look better, lose weight, and gain health.It works Why Because its based on pleasure, not pain abundance, not deprivation science, not myth freedom and power, not restriction and manipulation Joy of living is sustainable fear of dying is not.There are many myths and false choices that are confusing to many people These include If I live and eat healthfully, am I going to live longer or is it just going to seem longer Is it fun for me or good for me Low fat or low carb Fast food or good food Atkins indulgent or Ornish ascetic You really dont have to make these choices.This is a book about how to enjoy life fully while enhancing your health and well being Its based on our latest research showing that you can actually change how your genes are expressed just by changing what you eat and how you live.In short, this book can empower you to transform your own life.By now, many people are thoroughly exasperated by the seemingly contradictory information they read about what a sound nutrition and lifestyle program should be Nowhere are the claims conflicting than in the area of diet I often hear, Those damn doctors They cant make up their mind To hell with em, Ill eat and do whatever I want and quit worrying about it I understand why many people feel that way It can be really confusing when even the experts dont seem to agree.Fortunately, at a time when people are confused than ever, there is an emerging consensus about what to eat and how to live The jury is in a convergence of scientific evidence can help us resolve conflicting claims and distinguish what just sounds good from what is proven to be true.Now it is possible to cut through the confusion and to customize a diet and lifestyle program just right for you based on your own needs and preferences You have a spectrum of choices.People have different needs, goals, and preferences The medicine of the future is personalized medicine, which this book brings you today.The recipes and cooking instructions, by the renowned chef Art Smith, are for foods that taste good and also make you look good and feel good Many of them have several versions, so you can customize them to meet your own needs and preferences.It seems that many people have misconceptions about what I eat and how I live my own life For example, a few years ago, the playwright and producer Mike Nichols came up to me at a benefit for a foundation and said, Hey, Dean, Im on your dietif it tastes good, I cant eat itechoing Mark Twain, The only way to keep your health is to eat what you dont want, drink what you dont like, and do what youd rather not.This is the most common misunderstanding about my workthat I recommend one really strict diet and lifestyle program for everyone Yes, it works, but its almost impossible to follow.Its understandable why so many people believe this Many of the media stories on the work my colleagues and I have conducted have focused on our research showing that heart disease and other chronic diseases can be reversedand they often can just by making comprehensive lifestyle changes Reversing a disease does require the stricter version of the diet and lifestyle programthe pound of cure whereas if youre just trying to feel good and stay healthy you need only the ounce of prevention However, for people who arent sick, I recommended a spectrum of choices.In this book, Im not trying to get you to door not doanything Food and lifestyle choices are deeply personal decisions Having seen what a powerful difference changes in diet and lifestyle can make, I want to share these findings with you so that you can make intelligent choices in what you eat and how you live How much or little you want to change, if at all, is entirely up to you More on this later.Whenever I go out to dinner, people often comment on what Im eating or apologize for what theyre eatingI have to be careful what I eat around youas though Im going to be the sheriff or the vice principal of the high school waving my finger at them, judging them, and shaming them into eating differently.In reality, nothing could be further from the truth So I usually make a sign of the cross and say, jokingly, You are forgiven, and we all have a good laugh about it I then tell them that it doesnt matter to me what they eat or how they live as long as theyre happy When I order dessert, they often feel both surprised and relieved.PROVEN PROGRAMWhat makes this book unique is that its based on three decades of research proving what works, what doesnt, for whom, and under what circumstances Most books are written based on anecdotal testimonials which are often unreliable , or on the experience of others, or on wishful thinking They may make promises that often remain unfulfilled.Instead, this program is grounded in science, and its been proven to work My colleagues and I at the nonprofit Preventive Medicine Research Institute have proven that this program works to help prevent, and to slow, stop, and even reverse the progression of the most common and most deadly diseases, including coronary heart disease, prostate cancer, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, elevated cholesterol levels, arthritis, and many other chronic diseases.We recently conducted the first study in men with prostate cancer showing that our program of comprehensive lifestyle changes may change how your genes are expressedin general, turning on upregulating the good parts of the genes and turning off downregulating the harmful ones More on this in chapter 4.We recently conducted the first study showing that comprehensive lifestyle changes may improve how quickly your cells age Telomeres are the ends of your DNA, and they affect longevity As they become shorter and their structural integrity is weakened, cells age and die quickly In simple terms, as your telomeres get shorter, your life gets shorter In our new study, we found that the telomerase enzyme which repairs telomeres increased significantly in those who went through our diet and lifestyle program after only three months.We learned what really works to motivate people to make and maintain comprehensive lifestyle changes in the real world Weve consistently shown that our program can motivate many people to make and maintain bigger changes in diet and lifestyle, and to achieve better clinical outcomes and larger cost savings in diverse groups of people than have ever before been demonstrated.Lets examine these.THE PROGRAM WORKS TO PREVENT AND REVERSE DISEASEPeople often think that advances in medicine have to be a new drug, a new laser, or a surgical intervention to be powerfulsomething really high tech and expensive They often have a hard time believing that the simple choices we make in our lives each daywhat we eat, how we respond to stress, whether or not we smoke, how much we exercise, and the quality of our relationshipscan make such a powerful difference in our health, our well being, and our survival, but they often do.Awareness is the first step in healing When we become aware of how powerfully our choices in diet and lifestyle affect usfor better and for worsethen we can make different ones Its like connecting the dots In my experience, many people are not afraid to make big changes in their lives if they understand the benefits of doing so and how quickly they may occur.Part of the value of science is to raise our awareness by helping us understand the powerful effects of the diet and lifestyle choices we make each day and how changing these may significantlysometimes dramaticallyimprove our health and well being In many cases, these improvements may occur much quickly than people once believed possible.In our studies, we used the latest in high tech, expensive, state of the art measures to prove how robust these very simple, low tech, and low cost interventions can be.For than thirty years, Ive directed a series of scientific research studies showing, for the first time, that the progression of even severe coronary heart disease can often be reversed by making comprehensive lifestyle changes These include a very low fat diet including predominantly fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and soy products in their natural, unrefined forms moderate exercise such as walking various stress management techniques, including yoga based stretching, breathing, meditation, and imagery and enhanced love and social support, which may include support groups.In these studies, we also documented that other chronic diseases may be reversible simply by making comprehensive lifestyle changes Our findings are giving literally millions of people worldwide new hope and new choices, options that are caring and compassionate as well as cost effective and competent.More recently, we published the results of a randomized controlled trial in collaboration with Peter Carroll, M.D chair, Department of Urology, School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco and William Fair, M.D chief of urologic surgery and chair of urologic oncology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, now deceased showing that the progression of early stage prostate cancer may be slowed, stopped, or perhaps even reversed by making similar changes in diet and lifestyle This may be the first randomized controlled trial showing that the progression of any type of cancer may be modified just by changing what we eat and how we live Whats true for prostate cancer may be true for breast cancer as well, as I describe in chapter 14.Our research has been conducted in collaboration with the most credible scientific investigators at major academic medical centers Our findings have been published in the leading peer reviewed medical journals, including The Lancet, The Journal of the American Medical Association, The American Journal of Cardiology, Circulation, Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, Journal of Urology, Yearbook of Medicine, Yearbook of Cardiology, The New England Journal of Medicine, Homeostasis, Urology, Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Hospital Practice, Cardiovascular Risk Factors, World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics, Journal of Cardiovascular Risk, Obesity Research, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, and others.Our program has also been featured in the leading standard medical textbooks, including Harrisons Principles of Internal Medicine, Clinical Trials in Cardiovascular Disease companion to Heart Disease, the Braunwald standard cardiology textbook , Harrisons Advances in Cardiology, and Clinical Trials in Cardiovascular Disease second edition , as well as a number of general interest books, including Bill Moyerss Healing and the Mind, among others.Research findings documenting the benefits of our program have been presented at numerous scientific meetings, including the annual scientific meetings of the American College of Cardiology, beginning in 1982 the American Heart Association, beginning in 1983 and the Society of Behavioral Medicine, beginning in 1988, as well as many other scientific and medical conferences On several occasions, our research was highlighted at these meetings and featured at press conferences convened by these organizations.I say this just to emphasize that the program described in this book has been proven to work in the most rigorous and credible peer reviewed evaluations And that matters A lot.I have spent so much of my time conducting scientific research because its important to be able to substantiate and validate whatever health promises are made In 2000, I was appointed to the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy More than a thousand people testified before our committee.I learned that money is spent out of pocket for alternative medicine than for traditional medicine Why Many people have become disenchanted with conventional medicine and have embraced a variety of alternative interventions However, they may find themselves disillusioned with some of these approaches as well because many of them do not have scientific evidence to support their claims.Seen from this perspective, our program is as of this writing one of the most scientifically documented alternative medicine approaches It integrates the best of traditional and nontraditional approaches to health and healing.I also understand the limitations of science As Albert Einstein once said, Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be countedfor example, love and joy, as Ill describe laterbut many things that are meaningful are also measurable Also, part of the reason that the public receives so much conflicting information is that there is a lot of bad science out there In this book, Ill show you how to critically analyze some of these studies.In our cardiac studies, beginning in 1977, we found that there was a 91 percent reduction in the frequency of angina chest pain after only a few weeks, and most of these patients became pain free These were patients with very severe coronary heart disease, many of whom literally could not walk across the street without getting severe chest pain and shortness of breath when they began.After one year, there was a 40 percent average reduction in LDL cholesterol levels This is comparable to what can be achieved with statin drugs like Lipitor without the costs than 15 billion last year or side effects both known and unknown.In the Lifestyle Heart Trial, there was significant reversal in coronary artery blockages in the group that went through our program after only one year, whereas those in the randomized control group, who made conventional changes, showed a worsening of their coronary artery blockages From the Hardcover edition.In 1993, Hillary asked Dr Dean Ornish to consult with us on improving our health and well being and to train the chefs who cooked for us at The White House, CampDavid, and Air Force One I felt better and lost weight when I followed his recommendations Asthis book illustrates, my genes may have been improving as well If you want to see where medicine is likely to be five or ten years from now, read this book today.President Bill ClintonDr Ornish s wonderful new book, The Spectrum, can make an important difference in the health of the world at a time when it most needs it.Gro Brundtland, M.D Former Director General, World Health Organization, United Nations Former Prime Minister, NorwayDr Dean Ornish knows about inspiring people to eat well, live well, do well, and be well than anyone on the planet The Spectrum is a powerful book for living longer and better and shows how to live a healthful, joyful and loving life As Frank Sinatra once told me, Live each day like its your last, and one day youll be right Quincy JonesDr Dean Ornish is one of my best students, and I agree with what he is telling you Ihave known him well for many years now So you should pay good attention to what he tells you in his new book, which I am pleased to strongly support Iamin complete agreement with what he is saying in The Spectrum.Alexander Leaf, M.D Chairman, Dept of Medicine emeritus and Chairman, Dept of Preventive Medicine Clinical Epidemiology emeritus Harvard Medical School Massachusetts General Hospital The Spectrum provides unparalleled guidance and ideas from the sage of preventive medicine.Larry Brilliant, M.D., M.P.H Executive Director, Google Foundation Google.orgDean Ornish has given us a delightfully readable, information rich and extraordinarily helpful guide to a better, healthier life Read The Spectrum for yourself and give a copy to someone you love.Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional IntelligenceRead this book It is literally life saving and life transforming.Deepak Chopra, M.D.The Spectrum is absolutely fantastic Time and again, Dr Dean Ornish has scientifically proven that what was once thought to be medically impossible is, in fact, possible His work is truly revolutionary.Mehmet Oz, M.D., director, Cardiovascular Institute, Columbia University Medical Center, author of You The Owners ManualDr Dean Ornish has done than anyone to bring modern science to the nutrition field J Craig Venter, Ph.D., first sequencer of the human genome World of Spectrum World Spectrum, the official world archive for Sinclair ZX Spectrum and largest on line gaming center Internet Spectrum You re using a browser Explorer below that we don t support To get full experience, use different Supported browsers Spectrum Brands Providing Quality Value to Holdings completed its previously announced merger with HRG Group, Inc Friday, July , Following closing, continued as successor to Group under name Holdings, our common stock continuing trade ticker symbol SPB New York Headquarters, Captain Scarlet unofficial Web Unofficial website Mysterons TV series from Gerry Anderson, in Supermarionation, containing bundle information itself, characters, crafts, 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Definition Merriam Webster continuum color formed beam white dispersed passage through prism component wavelengths arranged How sentence itunesle Description experience App, WiFi networkDean Ornish Transforming Lives Healthcare Dr Dean bestselling author, leading researcher healthcare, respected advisor powerful leaders Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Medicine Medicine, scientifically proven program created prevent reverse chronic diseases lifestyle changes Scientifically Proven Program Feel Diet named Best Heart Healthy US Report seven consecutive author landmark bestseller Reversing Disease comes an empowering teaches lower blood pressure, lose weight, cholesterol, Preventive Research Institute PMRI non profit research institute investigating effects diet choices disease Reversal Programs healthy, sustainable Leader Preventive Ornish lives healthcare studies focused preventive medicine Eat More, Weigh Less for Eat Losing Weight Safely While Eating Abundantly FREE shipping qualifying phenomenal Times now revised updated Dr Ornish, MD Internal founder Chief Medical Officer Healthways, Sharecare Company also president Institute Clinical Professor University California, Francisco killer sweeping Forget latest Cardiovascular kills than everything else combined mostly preventable changing eating habits save UnDo It undo heart conditions optimizing four life Biography life, family, parents, story, wife Sidelights physician several selling books tout low fat, carbohydrate moderate exercise way even cardiac Michael Greger, Die Rich Roll Ultra athlete Roll talks Michael nutrition causes premature Cardiologist Kim Williams, Wants Eradicate cardiologist road conquering America Low Carb Plan Prevents Diabetes, Cancer, provides ultimate nutritional healing preservation The Spectrum: How to Customize a Way of Eating and Living Just Right for You and Your Family


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