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ₑ Reading ≹ Three Cups of Deceit for kids ₮ ePUB By Jon Krakauer ⃡ ₑ Reading ≹ Three Cups of Deceit for kids ₮ ePUB By Jon Krakauer ⃡ Greg Mortenson doesnt hide his light under a bushel He makes than 160 public appearances annually, in all parts of the country and abroad, and frequently appears in the news For each of the past three years he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize President Obama donated 100,000 of the award money from his own Nobel Peace Prize, which he received in 2009, to the Central Asia Institute CAI the charity Mortenson launched fifteen years ago to build schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan Visiting classrooms wherever he goes, Mortenson has persuaded 2,800 American schools to become fundraising partners last year, schoolkids collecting Pennies for Peace boosted CAI revenues by 2.5 million All told, his vigorous promotion of the Greg Mortenson brand generated 23 million in donations to CAI in 2010 alone.On March 29 of this year, I attended a lecture Mortenson gave in Cheyenne, Wyoming As he walked onto the stage in the sold out arena, than two thousand men, women, and children leapt to their feet to express their admiration with cheers, whistles, and deafening applause If we really want to help people, we have to empower people, Mortenson pronounced And empowering people starts with education A book cover depicting Afghan girls engrossed in study was projected onto the screen above the stage So I wrote this book called Three Cups of Tea, he deadpanned Some of you might have heard about itLaughter rippled through the crowd Hoping to get an autograph from Mortenson, hundreds of fans were holding copies of his book, which had spent the previous four years and two months on the New York Times paperback nonfiction bestseller list, and showed every sign of remaining there well into the future Some five million copies are now in print, including special editions for young readers and very young readers kindergarten through fourth grade Moreover, the multitudes who have bought Three Cups havent merely read it theyve embraced it with singular passion Since its publication in 2006, people galvanized by this autobiographical account of Mortensons school building adventures have donated than 50 million to the Central Asia Institute The books popularity stems from its forceful, uncomplicated themeterrorism can be eradicated by educating children in impoverished societiesand its portrayal of Mortenson as a humble, Gandhi like figure who has repeatedly risked life and limb to advance his humanitarian agenda.Told in the third person by Mortensons co author, David Oliver Relin, Three Cups begins with Mortenson hiking down Pakistans Baltoro Glacier in September 1993, having failed to climb K2, the second highest peak on earth A trauma nurse by profession, hed been invited to join an expedition to K2 to serve as the team medic.1 After two months of punishing effort, however, Mortenson realized he lacked the strength to reach the summit, so he abandoned his attempt and left the expedition early Exhausted and dejected, the thirty five year old mountaineer reached into a pocket as he trudged down the trail and fingered the necklace of amber beads that his little sister Christa had often worn As a three year old in Tanzania, where Mortensons Minnesota born parents had been Lutheran missionaries and teachers, Christa had contracted acute meningitis and never fully recovered Greg, twelve years her senior, had appointed himself her protector.In July 1992, at age twenty three, Christa had suffered a massive epileptic seizure, apparently stemming from her childhood health problems, and died Ten months later, Mortenson had trekked into the Karakoram Range with Christas necklace, intending to leave it on K2s 28,267 foot summit, which is considerably difficult to reach than the crest of Mount Everest Now the defeated Mortenson wiped his eyes with his sleeve, disoriented by the unfamiliar tears After seventy eight days of primal struggle at altitude on K2, he felt like a faint, shriveled caricature of himself He wasnt even sure he had the strength to make it to Askole, the village at trails end, fifty miles down the valley.A week into his homeward trek through Baltistan, as this corner of Pakistan is known, Mortenson became separated from Mouzafer Ali, the Balti porter he had hired to carry his heavy backpack Without Mouzafers guidance, Mortenson took a wrong turn and lost his way A few hours later, he arrived at a village he assumed was Askole As Mortenson walked into the settlement, a throng of local youngsters, fascinated by the tall foreigner, gathered around him By the time he reached the villages ceremonial entrancehe was leading a procession of fifty children.Just beyond, Mortenson was greeted warmly by a wizened old man, with features so strong they might have been carved out of the canyon walls His name was Haji Ali, the village chieftain He led Mortenson to his stone hut, placed cushions at the spot of honor closest to the open hearth, and installed Mortenson there When Mortenson looked up, he saw the eyes of the fifty children who had followed him, peering down from a large square opening in the roof Here, warm by the hearth, on soft pillows, snug in the crush of so much humanity, he felt the exhaustion hed been holding at arms length surge up over him.At that moment, though, Haji Ali revealed to Mortenson that he wasnt in Askole, as the American believed Owing to his wrong turn, hed blundered into a village called Korphe Adrenaline snapped Mortenson back upright Hed never heard of Korphe Rousing himself, he explained that he had to get to Askole and meet a man named Mouzafer who was carrying all his belongings Haji Ali gripped his guest by the shoulders with his powerful hands and pushed him back on the pillows Surrendering to fatigue, Mortenson closed his eyes and sank into a deep sleep.In Three Cups of Tea, Mortenson never indicates exactly how many days he spent in Korphe on that initial visit in 1993, but he implies it was a lengthy stay From his base in Haji Alis home, Mortenson settled into a routine Each morning and afternoon he would walk briefly about Korphe, accompanied, as always, by children tugging at his hands Off the Baltoro, out of danger, he realized just how precious his own survival had been, and how weakened hed become He could barely make it down the switchback path that led to the river Wheezing his way back up to the village, he felt as infirm as the elderly men who sat for hours at a time under Korphes apricot trees, smoking from hookahs and eating apricot kernels After an hour or two of poking about each day hed succumb to exhaustion and return to stare at the sky from his nest of pillows by Haji Alis hearth.During his protracted recuperation in Korphe, Mortenson became aware of the Baltis poverty, and how close they lived to hunger He noticed the widespread malnutrition and disease, and learned that one out of every three Korphe children perished before their first birthday Mortenson couldnt imagine discharging the debt he felt to his hosts in Korphe But he was determined to try He gave away most of his possessions, including his camping stove and warm expedition clothing Each day, as he grew stronger, he spent long hours climbing the steep paths between Korphes homes, doing what little he could to beat back the avalanche of need He set broken bones and did what little he could with painkillers and antibiotics Word of his work spread and the sick on the outskirts of Korphe began sending relatives to fetch Dr Greg, as he would thereafter be known in northern Pakistan.Often during his time in Korphe, Mortenson felt the presence of his little sister Christa, especially when he was with Korphes children They reminded him of the way Christa had to fight for the simplest things Also the way she had of just persevering, no matter what life threw at her He decided he wanted to do something for them Lying by the hearth before bed, Mortenson told Haji Ali he wanted to visit Korphes school.The following morning, after their familiar breakfast of chapattis and cha, Haji Ali led Mortenson up a steep path to a vast open ledge He was appalled to see eighty two children, seventy eight boys and the four girls who had the pluck to join them, kneeling in the frosty ground, in the open Haji Ali, avoiding Mortensons eyes, said that the village had no school, and the Pakistani government didnt provide a teacher Mortenson watched, his heart in his throat, as the students stood at rigid attention and began their school day with Pakistans national anthem After the last note of the anthem had faded, the children sat in a neat circle and began copying their multiplication tables Most scratched in the dirt with a stick theyd brought for that purpose.I felt like my heart was being torn out, Mortenson declares in this passage There was a fierceness in their desire to learn, despite how mightily everything was stacked against them, that reminded me of Christa I knew I had to do something As Mortenson stood beside Haji Ali that crisp autumn morning, gazing up at the towering peaks of the Karakoram, climbing K2 to place a necklace on its summit suddenly felt beside the point There was a much meaningful gesture he could make in honor of his sisters memory He put his hands on Haji Alis shoulders, as the old man had done to him dozens of times since theyd shared their first cup of tea Im going to build you a school, he said, not yet realizing that with those words, the path of his life had just detoured down another trail, a route far serpentine and arduous than the wrong turns hed taken since retreating from K2 I will build a school, Mortenson said I promise.This, in Mortensons dramatic telling, is how he came to dedicate his life to building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan He devotes nearly a third of the book to this transformative experience, which he says occurred in September 1993 Its a compelling creation myth, one that he has repeated in thousands of public appearances and media interviews The problem is, its precisely that a myth.Mortenson didnt really stumble into Korphe after taking a wrong turn on his way down from K2 He wasnt lovingly nursed back to health in the home of Haji Ali He set no villagers broken bones On that crisp September morning, shortly before returning to America, Mortenson did not put his hands on Haji Alis shoulders and promise to build a school In fact, Mortenson would not even make the acquaintance of Haji Ali, or anyone else in Korphe, until than a year later, in October 1994, under entirely different circumstances.The first eight chapters of Three Cups of Tea are an intricately wrought work of fiction presented as fact And by no means was this an isolated act of deceit It turns out that Mortensons books and public statements are permeated with falsehoods The image of Mortenson that has been created for public consumption is an artifact born of fantasy, audacity, and an apparently insatiable hunger for esteem Mortenson has lied about the noble deeds he has done, the risks he has taken, the people he has met, the number of schools he has built Three Cups of Tea has much in common with A Million Little Pieces, the infamous autobiography by James Frey that was exposed as a sham But Frey, unlike Mortenson, didnt use his phony memoir to solicit tens of millions of dollars in donations from unsuspecting readers, myself among them Moreover, Mortensons charity, the Central Asia Institute, has issued fraudulent financial statements, and he has misused millions of dollars donated by schoolchildren and other trusting devotees Greg, says a former treasurer of the organizations board of directors, regards CAI as his personal ATM.Packed with interviews and anecdotes that undercut Mortenson s image as a cheerful do gooder, Krakauer s account of good intentions gone horribly wrong is a stunning example of investigative journalism Publishers Weekly starred review Krakauer forcefully claims that Mortenson improperly used his charitys funds and failed to build all the schools he says he did Chicago Tribune Three Cups of Tea Wikipedia Three One Man s Mission to Promote Peace School at a Time original hardcover title Fight Terrorism and Build Nations is book by Greg Mortenson David Oliver Relin published Penguin in For four years, the remained on New York Times nonfiction bestseller list Enter your mobile number or email address below we ll send you link download free Kindle App Then can start reading books smartphone, tablet, computer Deceit How Mortenson, Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way e written Jon Krakauer about Stones into Schools author MortensonIn it, disputes accounts his experiences Afghanistan Pakistan, accuses him mishandling funds donated charity, Central Asia Institute CAI Stockbridge Inn The Cups Our exquisite coaching inn dates back fifteenth century Set ancient Hampshire town Stockbridge heart 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Similar authors follow received Academy Award Literature American Arts Letters According citation, combines tenacity courage finest tradition investigative journalism stylish subtlety profound insight born writer Author Wild Average rating ,, ratings reviews distinct works Similar Wild avg It total bull hates Everest, praises Sep At movies this weekend, there two versions journalist big screen Prophet Prey, documentary Fundamentalist Church Jesus Christ Latter krakauernotwriting Instagram photos k Followers, Following, Posts See photos videos Home Facebook Boulder, Colorado likes page maintained publisher, Doubleday Anchor Books Into Paperback Barnes eight Climbing Everest my biggest mistake CNN Aug ill fated Mount which wrote Air, life FREE shipping qualifying offers April well do hitchhiked Alaska walked alone wilderness north Mt McKinley name Christopher Johnson McCandless He had given Personal Account Disaster non fiction details experience disaster, climbers were killed several 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Guide into wild jon krakauer eBay Find great deals eBay Shop confidence aprile un saggista alpinista statunitense, conosciuto i suoi libri riguardanti la vita aria aperta l alpinismoNel refer Books, film, television novel Erin Hunter directed Sean Penn, Jared Leto, tour Thirty Seconds Mars Music Eddie Vedder film Melinda said cautionary tale it again daugh Whalen English stood atop gasping air topmost earth atmosphere Standing top world, cleared ice Three Cups of Deceit


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