ᵹ my Format Kindle You Must Set Forth at Dawn: A Memoir ⚭ E-Pub Author Wole Soyinka ⚴

ᵹ my  Format Kindle You Must Set Forth at Dawn: A Memoir ⚭ E-Pub Author Wole Soyinka ⚴ ᵹ my Format Kindle You Must Set Forth at Dawn: A Memoir ⚭ E-Pub Author Wole Soyinka ⚴ IBAFor Those Who Went Before Outside myself at moments like this, heading home, I hesitate a moment to check if it is truly a living me Perhaps I am just a disembodied self usurping my body, strapped into a business class seat in the plane, being borne to my designated burial groundthe cactus patch on the grounds of my home in Abeokuta, a mere hours escape by road from the raucous heart of Lagos Perhaps I am not really within the cabin of the plane at all but lying in a coffin with the luggage, disguised as an innocent box to fool the superstitious, while my ghost persists in occupying a seat whose contours have grown familiar through five years of a restless exile that began in 1994 For my mind chooses this moment to travel twelve years backward when, drained of all emotion, I accom panied the body of my friend Femi Johnson from Wiesbaden in Germany, bringing him home in defiance of the unfathomable conspiracy to leave him in that foreign land like a stray without ties of family and friends And the pangs that assail me briefly stem from the renewed consciousness of the absence of this friend, whose thunder roll laughter and infectious joy of life would have overwhelmed those welcoming voices that I know await me at my destination Despite the eternal moment of farewell by his open coffin in the funeral parlor in Wiesbaden, it was difficult then, and remained continuously so, to reconcile that self with the absence of a vitality that we had all taken so long for granted, his big but compact frame in a box, immaculately dressed as though simply from habitbe it in a double breasted suit with a carnation freshly cut by his chauffeur from the frontage garden, then laid ritualistically beside his breakfast set, or else in his casual outfit, its components no less carefully matched for all its seeming casualness, or his hunting attire, which appeared selected for a genteel English countryside ramble instead of a rumble in the jungle Difficult to accept the closed eyes that would bulge at some inspired business idea, at the prospect of a gastronomic spread, at the sight of a passing generously endowed female, or simply when charged with a newly thought up mischiefbut always lighting up the space around him Still, I could not rest until I had brought him home, exhuming him from the graveyard in Wiesbaden, and the clinicality of my motions at the time made me wonder if I had left my soul in that alien graveyard in his stead It must be, of course, the coincidence of the airline that triggers such a somber recollection, in the mainthat final homecoming for Femi was also on a Lufthansa flight And it was a coming home for me also, since my moment to moment existence from the time of his death until his reburial was in some ethereal zone, peopled by eyes of the restless dead from distances of silent rebuke I came back down to earth only when he was himself within the earth of his choice, earth that he had made his own Ibadan And it is this that now reinforces the unthinkable and irrational, that this same FemiOBJ to numerous friends, business partners, and acquaintancesis not in Ibadan at this moment awaiting my return, his sweaty face, black as the cooking pots, supervising the kitchen in a frenzy of anticipation, with an array of wines lined up to celebrate a long anticipated reunion Femi should be alive for this moment If any single being deserved and could contain in himself the entirety of the emotions that belong to this return, it is none other than OBJ, and he is gone It is a long craved homecoming, my personalized seal on the end of the nightmare that was signaled by the death of a tyrant, Sani Abacha, yet here I am, trying to find reasons for my lack of feeling, trying to ensure that it is not just a mask, a perverse exercise in control, this absence of the quickening of the pulse It is that other homeward journey of twelve years past that stubbornly sticks to the mind, that of a friend forever still in a casket in the belly of the plane, I seated among the living but stone cold to the world, conscious of this fact but only in a detached way and wondering why I was still so devoid of the sensation of loss It could be, I acknowledge, the aftermath of the battle to bring home his remainsplainly, it had left me drained of all feeling This return has not, so it must be that I have carried that home so obsessively in my head these past five years that I am unable to experience the journey as one toward the recovery of a zone of deprivation The absence of Femi, who persists in looming large, a territory of dulled bereavement, is only a part of it The adrenaline had been secreted over time, stored up, and thenpfftevaporated in an instant, there being no further use for it One seeks these explanations somewhat desultorily, since I already acknowledge that this is not quite the homecoming I had anticipated, not quite the way my return had been planned, not this legitimate arrival, swooping toward Lagos on a normal flight as if Lagos were Frankfurt, New York, or Dakar Surely it is not the same white haired monster, that same wanted man with a price on his head, hunted the world over, who is headed home, steadily lubricated by the aircrafts generous bar I continue to interrogate the featureless flatness of my mindcompared to it, the pastel evenness of the Sahara Desert, over which we appear to be eternally suspended, seems a craggy, wild, untamable, and exotic piece of landscape I acknowledge that I am not much given to sentiment, but after all, I am not normally averse to being welcomed home Indeed, I often wonder if, for others similarly embattled, homecoming does not gradually become a central motif of their active existence For instance, I find I dislike airport farewellsthe exceptions have usually been preceded by some kind of tug of war to which I eventually yielded, often through emotional blackmail By contrast, I am somewhat accommodating with the motions of being welcomed back, though, even here, I am just as likely to be found sneaking in through the back door Generally, my inclination is simplyto have returned To find myself back in the place I never should have left Or where returning is no different from never having left, a routine recovery of a space of normal being, temporarily fractured, restoration of which has no significance whatsoever and requires no special recognition In any case, each homecoming differs wildly from the last, and this goes back to my very earliest awareness of such an event, the end of a physical separation, when I first returned home from studying overseason New Years Day 1960, the year of Nigerias independence Then, feeling already long in the tooth at twenty five, I had contrived to sneak home, to the discomfiture of parents, family, and relations Normally, such a return should have been an occasion for celebration, varying from modest and restricted to festive and all embracing, the latter gathering in distant clans and even total strangers with that ringing invocation that must have been adopted by the first line beneficiaries of European educationOur Argonaut has returned from over the seas after a long, perilous voyage in his quest for the Golden Fleece or any of its hundred variations It is perhaps the sedateness of this return that continues to sit awkwardly on me, an abrupt usurpation of the other furtive homecoming that nearly was Not that I regret the change, oh no, not for a moment Tagba ba nde, a a ye ogun jathus goes the Yoruba wisdomAs one approaches an elders status, one ceases to indulge in battles Some hope When that piece of wisdom was first voiced, a certain entity called Nigeria had not yet been thought of In any case, I appear to have failed in my ambition to grow old gracefullyno strife, no susceptibilities to beautys provocation, and so ona process I had once confidently set to begin at the magic figure of forty nine, seven times seven, the magic number of my companion deity, Ogun But at least I accept that there comes a moment when age dictates the avoidance of certain forms of engagement That makes sense and is also just There comes a point in ones life when one should no longer be obliged to sneak into ones homeland through mangrove creeks and smugglers haunts, and in ludicrous disguises I worry therefore about the absence of feeling, the absence of even a grateful nod to Providence, and seek some reassurance that my senses are not fully dead, that the emotional province of the mind is still functioning I obtain a measure of relief, howeverindeed, I begin to worry now that the senses may be roaming out of controlwhen, even within the recycled air of the planes interior, overflying nothing but Sahara dunes and dust, I could swear, suddenly, that I already smell the humid air of Lagos, the fetid dung heaps, the raucous marketplaces and overcrowded streets I am certain that I can hear, dominating even the steady purr of the jet engines, the noisy street vendors with their dubious bargains, see the sly conspiratorial grins of some as they offer contraband of the most dangerous kindand this had become routine even before I fled into exile in November 1994banned publications that they slide out from under the pile of other journals, like pornography in other places Psst They sidle up to motorists at traffic junctions and delays, with the mainstream journals on conspicuous display Then, indifferent to the risk that the prospective customer might turn out to be a secret service agent or one of Abachas ubiquitous informers, they flash the sensational cover of Tempo, The News, The Concord, Tell, or some other hit and run samizdat sani abacha bares his fangs whom the gods will destroy abachas agents on rampage mother killed, eleven year old held hostage in police cell scandal rocks aso rock who killed bagauda kaltho Then the cat and mouse games, the mandatory raidssome days, weeks, even months in police cells for these stubborn vendors, some of them no older than ten or eleven And no sooner are they released than they are back on the streets Even the police grew weary of the charade Such sights filled ones bloodstream with a political rush the truth was, however, that I would rather be miles distant from the obligations they imposed, taking my gun for a walk in the bush, far from the stressful streets I cannot wait to repossess the bush, or maybe it is the other way around, let the bush repossess me The bush and its furtive breath Refuge and solace The mere thought brings in its train the smells, and soon my seat is isolated and wreathed in nothing but the very smells of the bush The thought of resuming my forays into those silent growths finally quickens my pulse, hesitantly, just perceptibly, sobered by the thought that Femi, whom I also taught to hunt, will no longer be a part of it Yet there, perhaps, is where I would most painlessly recover his presencein those swathes of isolation, that terrain of so many sensory ambiguities Enfolded within the tropical bush, the effect is tranquilizinguntil of course the moment of the approach of a quarrynot that the pulse quickens all that noticeably even then It does not matter whether it is the Harmattan season of dry air with its parched or burnt vegetation except in the early morning when the foliage is misted over and even the earth is deceptively dampor the rainy season, which leaves you tangling with moist thickets, fording swollen gorges, sliding on treacherous rocks, and being sucked into mud gullies, day or night, at night with nothing but a few stars seen through branches or fireflies to test your patience and judgment as you wonder whether they are the eyes of a wildcat, a tree cyrax, or twin raindrops caught in the light of your night lamp All that matters is the escape into timelessness, interrupted by furtive pads of a four footed quarry or the sudden burst of the brown bush fowl or gray streaked guinea fowl soaring and screaming over trees An instant only to decide whether or not the latter is worth the tryeven if you downed it, how much time would it demand to plunge into the hostile fastness to retrieve your booty In the process you become insensitive to the rank presence of a far larger quarry, the prized egbin or igala, or a patriarch or matriarch of the etu family, the archsurvivor of the speciesadimuwhose heavy meat could feed a fair sized company of guerrillas long lost in the bush Definitely it is the bush, the bush aloneits smells, muted sounds, textures, and often impenetrable silence that finally bathe me in a glow of warm anticipation It is that, that alone, not any other resumption of relationships or recovery of suspended voices Is this some form of misanthropy Or perhaps it is the suppressed fear that my house is gone anyway, that I A quadruped of the deer antelope family Same as above A large specimen of the rodent family am returning to a conspicuous gap in the landscape at which I had hacked and quarried, years before my departure, to give expression to my appetite for space News of the invasion had reached me, but the dimension of destruction had been vague and guarded, as if the kind couriers had agreed to hold back the worst In truth, regarding the building itself, I had not planned to encase so much space within walls, just a small cottage, after my retirement from university service, but with as much ground as I could afford Still, hovel or mansion, the soldiers violation hung over it, as it hung over many other homes that were owned by perceived enemies of the dictator, Sani Abacha The house had been built almost entirely from the windfall of the Nobel Prize I had expanded it from its original design only because I wanted to create a space for periodic retreat for writers and artiststypical of the fantasies of those who are suddenly bombarded with money than generations before them ever laid eyes on Thus was born the notion of the Essay Foundation for the Humanities, named after my father, whose initials, S.A., had coalesced in my childhood mind as one word Essay From the Hardcover edition.Praise for Wole SoyinkaWhat if V S Naipaul were a happy man What if V S Pritchett had loved his parents What if Vladimir Nabokov had grown up in a small town in western Nigeria and decided that politics were not unworthy of him I do not take or drop these names in vain Wole Soyinka, the Nigerian novelist, playwright, critic, and professor of comparative literature, belongs in their company.John Leonard, The New York Times Soyinka is a master of language, and is committed as a dramatist and writer of poetry and prose to problems of general and deep significance for man.Lars Gyllensten, from his presentation speech awarding Wole Soyinka the Nobel Prize in Literature, 1986A brilliant imagist who uses poetry and drama to convey his inquisitiveness, frustration, and sense of wonder.NewsweekIf the spirit of African democracy has a voice and a face, they belong to Wole Soyinka.Henry Louis Gates, Jr., The New York Times From the Hardcover edition. 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Soyinka, winner Nobel Prize Literature known drama, poetry, proseHis Interpreters weaves stories contemporary mythic historical past, manipulating so end very structure Lion Jewel Three Crowns Books one plays Africa dramatist, Yoruba village Ilunjinle main characters Sidi true belle Baroka crafty powerful Bale village, Lakunle, young teacher, influenced western ways, Sadiku, eldest wives World Poetry Database Poems born July Abeokuta, near Ibadan Nigeria preparatory university studies Government College Ibadan, he University Leeds, where, later, took doctorate Death King Horseman Play blends European literary theater total traditions tribe Southwest Through chorus, politics, storytelling, both entertains asks subtle mass psychology, individual struggles will Founding Members Pyrate In Paperwhite day monster cultism created institutions thereafter spread aspects societal need read why wole soyinka group Abiku Written Nigerian Poet Do enjoy Abiku Wanderer child dies returns again plague mother belief vain bangles cast BBC Culture play showed reflected global culture linguistic destiny many did see coming, writes Biodun Jeyifo Herdsmen invade home Punch Newspapers suspected be herdsmen invaded residence Professor renowned playwright, Ogun reports Theme tone Telephone Conversation concerning racial discrimination Caucasian poem, poet wanted rent house landlady originally However, after stated African, conversation turned ROMAN VON WOLE SOYINKA wort suchen Ich nehme zur Kenntnis, dass die abgesendeten Daten zum Zweck der Bearbeitung meines Anliegens verarbeitet werden drfen Weitere Informationen finden Sie unserer Datenschutzerklrung For Faculty, Staff Students Arkansas Home Clinical Engineering Emergency Preparedness Tafawa Balewa, Ezekwesili attend laureate, Prof former Minister Education, Dr Oby Co Chairman Intervention Movement, Jhalil among personalities Food Scarcity Looms Fulani Herdsmen Continue today expressed grave concern displacement nation farming population various parts country rampaging violent ayebia Home Nana Ayebia invited guests Reception mark Their Royal Highnesses official visit Ghana, Gambia St James Palace Apartments Wednesday th October Prince Wales Duchess Cornwall greeted mingled excellent event great Playwright, Activist Biography Watch videoSynopsis educated England playwright activist became Biographical NobelPrize During six years spent England, Academy towering literature He international acclaim verse, novels His work ranges early comedy poetic tragedy Born Nigeria, returned graduate attained Guardian bemoans attacks girls calls people mobilise politically February poll Facebook Prominent Nigerians restated restructuring Laureate insisting move unstoppable Quotes BrainyQuote Enjoy BrainyQuote Quotations Dramatist, Share friends Author Horseman About Awarded wide cultural perspective overtones fashions d Topic YouTube Akinwande Oluwole Babatunde essayist awarded Literature, Poem Hunter writer, notable person honoured Encyclopedia black Swedish presentation recognized artistic commitment render complexity intellectuals Foundation received into family studied Prof Age, Children, Family, House author, poet, recipient Peace IMDb Writer Kongi Harvest writer actor, Joshua Portrait Un dieu au bord de la route Mahatma Gandhi Page Mahatma attitude silence soul finds path clearer light, what elusive deceptive resolves itself crystal clearness You Must Set Forth at Dawn: A Memoir


    • You Must Set Forth at Dawn: A Memoir
    • 3.1
    • 252
    • Format Kindle
    • 530 pages
    • Wole Soyinka
    • Anglais
    • 01 August 2016

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