⑅ Good Your Three-Year-Old: Friend or Enemy to read online ⑱ ePUB Author Louise Bates Ames ─

⑅ Good Your Three-Year-Old: Friend or Enemy to read online ⑱ ePUB Author Louise Bates Ames ─ ⑅ Good Your Three-Year-Old: Friend or Enemy to read online ⑱ ePUB Author Louise Bates Ames ─ chapter one CHARACTERISTICS OF THE AGE Just as the tides have their rhythms, so does human behavior have its own predictable rhythms As the child grows older, good ages alternate with bad times of equilibrium alternate with times of disequilibrium and periods when behavior tends to be expansive and outgoing alternate with periods when everything seems to be pulled in It should come as no surprise, then, to the mother or father of a rambunctious Two and a half year old, that sometime around the age of Three their son or daughter does seem to calm down conspicuously He says yes instead of no will instead of wont He smiles instead of frowns, laughs instead of cries, gives in comfortably to your requests instead of resisting them Around thirty three months of age, many children go through a stage of reliving their babyhood, of thinking about themselves in terms of their own past The child may pretend that he is a baby, even going back to the use of baby talk, though some are loath to give up their glorious acquisition of speech So, a child may say, Im a little baby I cant walk, I have no teeth, I drink from a bottle But I can talk However, by Three, most have caught up with themselves chronologically and are now in a state of equilibrium and of no longer looking back In fact, by Three, many children seem to be developing a rather good self concept, seem to have a solid set of feelings about themselves There is little question that this sense of self is influenced by the way others treat them At thirty months the opposition of I and you was so strong that there seemed to be a chasm between them, with the opposition of Me do it myself when he really could not, and You do it when he actually could do a thing himself But at Three years of age the chasm seems to be bridged by that delightfully cooperative word we In fact, Three is a highly we age The child likes to say lets, as Lets go for a walk, shall we The sense of togetherness or we ness seems to make him depend on the adult and makes him lean on him or her, though he also enjoys the sense of sharing The very child who has been so independent earlier may now ask his mother Help me, Show me But even though the increased maturity of Three allows him sometimes to share or even lean instead of resisting, as earlier, Three is also aware of and proud of his increasing maturity and increasing ability He frequently asks, after some particular display of prowess, Could a baby do this Dr Arnold Gesell has described Three as a coming of age, a time at which the many strands of previous development converge, and a new self comes into focus The conflicting extremes of six months ago give way to a high degree of smoothness, integration, and self control Emotions are well in hand Three seems, for all his relative immaturity, to be rather highly aware of what other people like and do not like In fact, many seem quite able to tell whether another person is happy or sad, pleased or angry, by watching that persons face At any rate, the typical Three year old wants to please He wants to do things right Do it dis way he may ask hopefully He is highly susceptible to praise and favourable comment and also highly responsive to friendly humor The increased smoothness seen in the typical child of Three has a strongly motor basis His body is now delightfully at his command It does not surprise him with inadequacy as it has done in the past and will do again in another six months or so, when motor insecurity seems to lie at the basis of much of the marked emotional insecurity the Three and a half year old exhibits Three is sure and nimble on his feet He walks well, and he runs easily He can turn sharp corners without elaborate preparation and precaution His motor sureness is evident even as he walks He no longer stretches his arms out for balance but instead walks securely and swings his arms with ease Three now enjoys other children, but most of all he enjoys his mother He loves to do things with hergo for a walk, go to the store, help with housework, and, above all, play He is happiest when his mother finds it possible to give up other activities and concentrate on him Almost anything the two of you do together brings him joy It is bliss to have Mother read to him, play games with him, talk to him, just be near him Emotionally, it is fair to assume, the typical Three year old is a rather happy personcalm, collected, secure and capable, friendly and giving He conforms easily, and thus, liking to please, he pleases Not only is he secure physically and happy socially and calm emotionally, but language now means a great deal to him He loves new wordsnew words, big words, different words He loves such words as surprise, new, different, secret Even when a situation may seem to be beginning to deteriorate, it is often quite possible to pull things together by the use of just the right word And if the word is surprise, and if it is accompanied by an actual physical surprise no than a cracker or cookie will usually do , the young childs delight is truly rewarding to the provider of this delicious occasion And then, just as you are really beginning to enjoy this tractable little creature, growth forces push your childs behavior a little farther along in their ever evolving cycle, and he hits Three and a half, a wild and wonderful age with characteristics all its own As at other times in life, an age of disequilibrium follows an age of equilibrium Three is a conforming age Three and a half is just the opposite Refusing to obey is perhaps the key aspect of this turbulent, troubled period in the life of the young child It sometimes seems to his mother that his main concern is to strengthen his will, and he strengthens this will by going against whatever is demanded of him by that still most important person in his life, his mother Many a mother discovers that even the simplest event or occasion can elicit total rebellion Dressing, eating, going to the bathroom, getting up, going to bedwhatever the routine, it can be the scene and setting for an all out, no holds barred fight Techniques and tricks formerly useful can no longer be guaranteed to work The mothers equally resistant response may be tempered by knowing that soon, when he is Four, her child will have developed a self concept strong enough so that he can sometimes conform, and also that he will sometimes enjoy going out of bounds and saying and doing things he knows full well will not be permitted But even when out of bounds at Four, he will usually be much less difficult to manage than now, at Three and a half You may not need much help and advice when your child is Three When he is Three and a half you may need all the help you can get, and then some Since forewarned is forearmed, we shall tell you here about some of the things you may expect to experience when your child reaches the admittedly somewhat difficult age of forty two months We may fairly, and in all friendliness, describe the Three and a half year old boy or girl as being characteristically inwardized, insecure, anxious, and, above all, determined and self willed One might assume that his strong willed self assertiveness, which is so conspicuously evident, might be rooted in a strong personal security Not so In fact, the very opposite seems to be the case The Three and a half year old child seems emotionally very insecure from the word go This insecurity is even shown in physical ways He stutters He stumbles He trembles A child who six months earlier may have walked a proud one foot to a step up the stairs may now go back to a babyish two feet to a step Quite steady at Three, he may now express fear of falling Steady handed at Three as he built a sturdy tower of blocks, his hands may now tremble as he adds blocks to his tower Handedness may even shift at this age, and it may seem as if the child actually does not know which hand to use Stuttering, which in many comes in at this age though a very early talker may already have stuttered as early as Two and a half, that earlier age of disequilibrium , causes many parents undue anxiety We ourselves tend to label stuttering at this age as mere preschool non fluency and unless it prolongs itself for several months, let it go at that Actually, tensional outlets of all sorts are conspicuous at this age The child may suck his thumb, bite his nails, pick his nose, rub his genitals, chew on his clothes And he may well hang onto his security blanket as onto life itself Vision, too, may pose special problems Not only does the child fear heights, but he often complains that he cannot see when he is being read to in a group He wants to be right on top of the book and often holds his picture book very close if he is looking at it by himself He does best being read to alone, preferably sitting on the readers lap so that he can adjust the book and see it at his preferred visual distance Emotional insecurity as well as physical insecurity is commonly expressed at this often difficult age Sometimes it almost seems that nothing pleases Three and a half attempts to control his environment in ways that will, perhaps, make him feel secure, sure of himself Dont look, Dont laugh, Dont talk, he commands those around him But, in his immaturity, he is often inconsistent Dont look, he may order at one minute, and at the next may become very angry if not given full attention He may then insist that all attention be focused on himself and may feel left out if it is not He may refuse to let Father read his paper, or Mother chat on the phone, or any two adults talk to each other.A three year old is a real puzzle to parents, sometimes anxious to please and befriend, sometimes strong willed and difficult to get along with At the heart of the three year olds personality is often an emotional insecurityand this causes a host of problems for parents Drs Ames and Ilg, recognized authorities on child behavior and development, help parents understand whats going on inside that three year old head, what problems children have, and how to cope with the toddler who is sometimes friend, sometimes enemy Included in this book Jealousy of a new sibling Toilet training How to improve a childs eating habits Friendships with peers Common fears Developing language skills Nursery school Books for parents and three year olds Louise Bates Ames and her colleagues synthesize a lifetime of observation of children, consultation, and discussion with parents These books will help parents to better understand their children and will guide them through the fascinating and sometimes trying experiences of modern parenthood.Donald J Cohen, M.D., Director, Yale Child Study Center, Irving B Harris Professor of Child Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Psychology, Yale School of 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