↕ Free Read Format Kindle [ ⇲ The Lost Book of Enki ] ↏ Kindle Ebook Author Zecharia Sitchin ❎

↕ Free Read Format Kindle [ ⇲ The Lost Book of Enki ] ↏ Kindle Ebook Author Zecharia Sitchin ❎ ↕ Free Read Format Kindle [ ⇲ The Lost Book of Enki ] ↏ Kindle Ebook Author Zecharia Sitchin ❎ Introduction Some 445,000 years ago, astronauts from another planet came to Earth in search of gold.Splashing down in one of Earths seas, they waded ashore and established Eridu, Home in the Faraway In time the initial settlement expanded to a full fledged Mission Earth with a Mission Control Center, a spaceport, mining operations, and even a way station on Mars.Short of manpower, the astronauts employed genetic engineering to fashion Primitive Workers Homo sapiens The Deluge that catastrophically swept over the Earth required a fresh start the astronauts became gods, granting Mankind civilization, teaching it to worship.Then, about four thousand years ago, all that had been achieved unraveled in a nuclear calamity, brought about by the visitors to Earth in the course of their own rivalries and wars.What had taken place on Earth, and especially the events since human history began, has been culled by Zecharia Sitchin, in his The Earth Chronicles Series, from the Bible, clay tablets, ancient myths, and archaeological discoveries But what had preceded the events on Earth what had taken place on the astronauts own planet Nibiru that caused the space journeys, the need for gold, the creation of Man Would it not be auspicious were one of the key players, an eyewitness and one who could distinguish between Fate and Destiny, to record for posterity the How and Where and When and Why of it all the First Things and perhaps the Last Things But that is precisely what some of them did do and foremost among them was the very leader who had commanded the first group of astronauts Scholars and theologians alike now recognize that the biblical tales of Creation, of Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, the Deluge, the Tower of Babel, were based on texts written down millennia earlier in Mesopotamia, especially by the Sumerians And they, in turn, clearly stated that they obtained their knowledge of past events many from a time before civilizations began, even before Mankind came to be from the writings of the Anunnaki Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came the gods of antiquity.As a result of a century and a half of archaeological discoveries in the ruins of the ancient civilizations, especially in the Near East, a great number of such early texts have been found the finds have also revealed the extent of missing texts so called lost books which are either mentioned in discovered texts or are inferred from such texts, or that are known to have existed because they were cataloged in royal or temple libraries.An oft quoted example of the extent of lost books is that of the famed Library of Alexandria in Egypt Established by the general Ptolemy after Alexanders death in 323 B.C., it was said to have contained than half a million volumes books inscribed on a variety of materials clay, stone, papyrus, parchment That great library, where scholars gathered to study the accumulated knowledge, was burnt down and destroyed in wars that extended from 48 B.C to the Arab conquest in A.D 642 What has remained of its treasures is a translation of the first five books of the Hebrew Bible into Greek, and fragments retained in the writings of some of the librarys resident scholars.It is only thus that we know that the second king Ptolemy commissioned, circa 270 B.C., an Egyptian priest whom the Greeks called Manetho to compile the history and prehistory of Egypt At first, Manetho wrote, only the gods reigned there, then demigods, and finally, circa 3100 B.C., Pharaonic dynasties began The divine reigns, he wrote, began ten thousand years before the Flood and continued for thousands of years thereafter, the latter period having witnessed battles and wars among the gods.One who had been an eyewitness to all those events, indeed a key participant in them, was the leader who had splashed down with the first group of astronauts.That he had recorded his autobiography is certain, for a long text stretching over at least twelve tablets discovered in the library of Nippur quotes Enkis sayings Numerous other texts that relate varied aspects of Enkis role in the ensuing developments serve to complete Enkis tale they include a cosmogony, an Epic of Creation, at whose core lay Enkis own text, which scholars call The Eridu Genesis For the first time ever, this dispersed and fragmented material has been assembled and used by Zecharia Sitchin to re create the eyewitness account of Enki the autobiographical memoirs and insightful prophecies of an extraterrestrial god.In dealing with the past, Enki himself perceived the future The notion that the Anunnaki, exercising free will, were masters of their own fates as well as the fate of Mankind gave way, in the end, to a realization that it was Destiny that, when all was said and done, determined the course of events and therefore as the Hebrew Prophets had recognized the First Things shall be the Last Things.The record of events dictated by Enki thus becomes a foundation for Prophecy, and the Past becomes the Future.Synopsis of the Second Tablet Alalus flight in a nuclear armed spacecraft He sets his course to Ki, the seventh planet Earth Why he expects to find gold on Earth The solar systems cosmogony Tiamats water and gold The appearance of Nibiru from outer space The Celestial Battle and Tiamats breakup Earth, half of Tiamat, inherits her waters and gold Kingu, Tiamats main satellite, becomes the Moon of Earth Nibiru is destined to forever orbit the Sun Alalus arrival and landing on Earth Alalu, discovering gold, holds Nibirus fate in his handsthis is really one interesting book.a very intriguing topic Morgaine, Circle of Stones, July, 2004 An epic tale of gods and men challenging every assumption we hold about our past and future Branches of Light, Issue 30 The story is compelling, drawing readers into the world of extraterrestrials, gods, and ancient events in a way that seems a combination of reading that daily paper and indulging in popular fiction Reading The Lost Book of Enki is a truly unique, intellectual, and pleasurable experience to recommend to customers looking for something a little different R John Allcorn, New Age Retailer, March April 2002 This book is another brilliant example of Sitchin s scholarship I found it exciting reading, and give it my highest recommendation The Lost Book of Enki has an impact that will generate discussions all over the globe Don Ecker, UFO Magazine, April May 2002 Lost Books CARM Are there lost books of the Bible No, aren t But that hasn stopped people from saying are and trying to alter God s word The Christian church didn establish Word Instead, recognized it never included what does not belong in Canon bible Books Lost Being All Gospels, Epistles Other Pieces Now Extant Attributed First Four Centuries Jesus Christ, 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Zecharia July October proposing explanation involving astronautsSitchin attributed creation culture Anunnaki, stated race extraterrestrials planet beyond Neptune NibiruHe asserted mythology suggests hypothetical Baku, luglio York, ottobre stato uno scrittore azero naturalizzato statunitense autore di molti libri sulla cosiddetta archeologia misteriosa o pseudoarcheologia, e sostenitore della teoria degli antichi astronauti come spiegazione dell origine uomoLe speculazioni Sitchin, basate sua personale interpretazione dei testi Sumeria, Nibiru regret inform you passed away morning small, private funeral held next day Earth Skeptic just another nut making selling treat folks want believe Rob Hafernik Epic Creation allegorical myth sophisticated cosmogony describing how solar system came SitchinIsWrong Errors Overview This section website covers brief studies points below, any viewed clicking links Wikipdia le juillet Bakou en Union sovitique et mort octobre est un crivain amricain d Ses thories, mlant celle du vhmrisme dessein intelligent de type extraterrestre, sont considres comme pseudo scientifiques par les historiens There Were Giants Upon Gods, Demigods, Ancestry Evidence Alien DNA FREE shipping qualifying crowning work Reveals existence physical evidence alien presence distant pastBRBR Identifies describes demigods SitchinIsWrong What Welcome devoted addressing claims astronaut hypothesis popularized writings History Timeline bibliotecapleyades Cosmic Code Sixth Before Deluge years ago On Nibiru, member system, faces slow extinction atmosphere erodes The Lost Book of Enki


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    • 18 June 2017

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